Print Edition for the week of
Dec. 7 - 13, 2011

Vol. 21, No. 14

Savage Love

The 23-Year Itch

I, Anonymous


A Dirty Shame

You Can't Look Away from Michael Fassbender's Self-Loathing Spree

Tyrannosaur: Bleak British Drama Done Brilliantly

The Sitter: Journey to the Near-Bottom of the Post-Apatow Raunch Comedy Swamp

The Visual Language of Herbert Matter: Portrait of the Artist as a Brilliant Graphic Designer

Concessions 90210

Speaking of Santas

Art House

Charlotte Rampling: The Look

I Love Television

Allow Me to Fascinate You


Strip Maul

Nine Strip Clubs in 48 Hours in America's Porniest City

Doc the Hoople

The Ballad of Mott the Hoople Finally Gives Mott Proper Props

Blood, Sweat, and Years

Same-Sex Dictator's Lee Cizek Has Been Tinkering with His Project Red Liquid Since High School, and It's Finally Starting to Look Like a Solid

Up & Coming

Lose your brain covered in jam every night this week!

Chuckletown, USA

Jackass's Steve-O Goes Head-to-Head with a Genuinely Funny Comedian

Sound Check

Baths: Inside an Out-of-Body Sound

My Philosophy

Gender-Role Bullshit and the Military-Industrial Complex

Data Breaker

Ill Cosby at Roll Bounce, Juan Maclean, KutMasta Kurt

The Homosexual Agenda

Tranny Christmas Trees


Cairo's EXPO 89 Fest and DIY Holiday Fair

Poster of the Week

Poster by C.M. Ruiz


RIP, Edie Whitsett

Seattle Theater Loses One of Its Great Talents

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Dec 7

Visual Art

Beyond Northwest Mythics

Pretend These Artists Aren't Important for a Minute

Loose Lips

Poker, Plagiarism, Batman-ish Art Critics, and Douchey Co-opters


Bleeding from Strange Places

Joan Didion Is the Most Ruthless Writer to Ever Write About Joan Didion

Food & Drink

Chow Bio

Erik Hakkinen Is Filling Big Shoes at the Zig Zag

Past Perfect

Things Are Different at Campagne's New Incarnation, Marché


Pastor Kaleb's Parish of the Defunct and Disoriented

He May Not Be Religious, But This Performer Has the Most Infamous Sunday-Morning Service in the City


The Two-Thirds Supermajority Myth

All It Takes for Democrats to Raise Revenue Is the Will, the Discipline, and the Balls

The End of Seattlest?

A National Blog Chain May Shut Down a Promising Local News and Culture Blog

Jesus Saves

The Fight to Legalize Marijuana Has an Unlikely New Ally: African American Clergy

Sources Say

It's News, Essentially

Last Days

The Week in Review

Dear Science


Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Savage Love Episode 269

A Very 99 Percent Holiday

Where You Should Spend Your Money—and Where You Should Definitely Not Spend Your Money—This Season

Off the Beaten Path

Where to Shop in Neighborhoods That Could Use Your Business the Most

The Least Sinister Mall in Town

Seattle has only one major shopping center that's locally owned and run by a progressive. You'll never guess which one it is.

Buy a Locally Made Album This Year Instead of Some Mainstream Shit

Here Are Some Good Ones to Choose From

Secrets of the Local Fashion Industry

One-of-a-Kind Finds for Garment Makers and Garment Buyers Alike

Being Choosy and Getting Boozy

What You Don't Know About Your Favorite Liquor Brands—and Which Local Liquors to Buy Instead

Piece of Crap vs. Piece of Craft: Toy Edition!

Locally Made Toys That Kick the Ass of Their Sold-by-a-Multinational-Corporation Counterparts

You Are What You Eat

Responsible Holiday Grocery Shopping for the 99 Percent

Before You Go to Amazon to Do Your Book Shopping

Let Me Lecture at Your Face for a Moment

Occupy Someone's Mouth with Theo Chocolate

Here's Why It's One of the Best Candy Companies Out There