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Nov. 30 - Dec. 6, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 12

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'10 Items or Less,' 'The Beales of Grey Gardens,' and 'Fuck'


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The Artist Said to the Telekinetic

Let's Make Sculptures Only by Using Thoughts


Jen Graves Talks to Robin Held

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Drawing Destination

Comics Publisher Fantagraphics Finally Has a Room of Its Own


Juvenile Howling

Allen Ginsberg's Early Poems Are Even Worse than His Later Ones

Geriatric Leching

Me and Ginsberg Down in the Basement

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'The Ladies of Grace Adieu' by Susanna Clarke


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In Praise of Apple-Ginger Juice

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Vessel Will Artfully Knock You on Your Ass

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Ari Spool


Take My Life, Please

Our Worst Enemy™ Endures 30 Days of Competitive Comedy

The Death of Pike/Pine

Seattle Developers Have Used the "Hip" Factor to Sell Condos Up and Down the Pike/Pine Corridor. Now They're About to Kill the Bars and Businesses That Make the Strip Vibrant.


Counter Intel


In Other Neighborhoods

Mars Attacked

Local Man Organizes Protest of Ballard's Mars Hill Megachurch

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Bickering, Biking, Building

Hard Science

UW Team Begins Tests of Male-Contraception Pill

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Dan the Automator

826 Seattle Anniversary, Fantagraphics Store Opening

Elizabeth Kolbert

'We Never Like Talking About the End'

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