Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 26 - Mar. 4, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 24

Savage Love

More Than a Mouthful

I, Anonymous


On Screen

Gomorrah: All Mob Grit, No Mob Glamour

On Screen

Ballerina Is Too Many Movies in One

On Screen

Two Lovers: Gwyneth Paltrow Drives Joaquin Phoenix Crazy


Celebrity Penises and Little Golden Men



All Ages at Full Tilt

My Philosophy

RIP, Tyrone love

It's a Hit

A Speed Round of New Singles, Remixes, and MP3s

Data Breaker

The Bran Flakes' Mirthcore

New Column!

There Is No Greater Musical than Mame, by the Game

Poster of the Week

In Between Days

The Strange Territory of Antony and the Johnsons

The Score

Dead German Conductors, Hydrophones, and Happenings

Party Crasher

Bold as Love

Twelve Strings to Hold You

James Blackshaw's Spellbinding Guitar Odysseys

Fucking in the Streets

Dr. Dooom Was in the Room?

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Album Review

Gun Outfit: Dim Light

Album Review

Police Teeth: Real Size Monster Series

Album Review

Telekinesis: Telekinesis!


Allergic to Stuffiness (and Capital Letters)

The Heterogeneous Modern-Pop Dance of locust

A Perfect Perversion

Zombies and Modernism at Seattle Opera

Visual Art

Too Much and Not Enough

William Kentridge Takes Over Seattle, Kind Of

Touch Screen

Put Your Finger on Tivon Rice's Art

In Art News

The Dream of Sculpture


New in Books

I Want to Take You Higher: Writing about Sly and the Family Stone Is Difficult

New in Books

Beat the Reaper: Paging Dr. Hit Man

New in Books

My Revolutions: A Book About the Sixties That Isn't Nostalgic

New in Books

The Customer Is Always Wrong: Terrifying True Stories of Retail

New in Books

Lola's Luck: Gypsy Love: A True Harlequin Romance

New in Books

Waltz With Bashir: A Self-Doubting Comic Book About Massacres

New in Books

He Is... I Say: Playing Cutesy-Pie with Neil Diamond

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

What's In a Name

Bad Euphemism, Good Food

The Search for Seattle's Best Fish Taco

The Happiest Hour

Marco Polo Bar & Grill


Anger and Aggregation

The P-I's Online Plan and Its Discontents


In the Hall

Best Intentions

Think of the Neighbors!

Laurelhurst Residents Sue Their Own Neighborhood Group

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Whooo! Kegger!!

Control Tower

Hurt the Ones You Love

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week

Molly McMoonsalot

Crossword Solution

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Bands in the Key of F (Feb. 26)

Illustrated Comment of the Week