Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 25 - 31, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 45

Savage Love

Decision 2002

New Column!


Funny, Obsessive Passion

The Oregon Dept. of Kick Ass Comes to Seattle

Corpse Shagging

Mike Myers Squanders His Powers Again

The Cockettes

Get Really Stoned and See this Show

Sexy (Step) M-F

Lust, Voltaire, and John Ritter, Too!

This Week on TV

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Somber Soundtracks

The Radar Brothers' Cinematic Constructions

All Ages Action

No Use for Nostalgia

Television's Sonic Rapture

Roadies Have No Qualities!

Q & A with Glenn Danzig

Bio: Music

The Return of Black Elegance

MJ Cole's Musical Culture Collage

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Sounds of the City



Because I'm Getting a Blowjob and You Suck, That's Why

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Begged Questions

A Walk in the Dark Is a Too-Tall Tale

Sharply Stupid

The Stuntmen Polish Their Turd to a High Sheen

Theater Listings

Theater Listings

Visual Art

Danger: Artist

Antjuan Oden's art was used against him in court; in prison he continued to draw.

In Arts News

Foreign Turf

Visual Arts Listings

Visual Arts Listings


Eccentric Research

The Inventions, Durations, Discoveries, Quotas, Forgeries of Lisa Robertson

Our Pirate Queen

Brown Interviews Author of Gaudí Afternoon

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Midsummer Night's Dream

Catfish Corner

Or, Catfish Coma

Bio: Chow

Where to Eat Downtown



Questioning Monorail

Conlin's Forum Lets Monorail Foes Sound Off

Let Him Eat Cake

Nickels Upstages Council, Surprises Protesters with Solid Cop Accountability Plan

Alley Fight

Activists Fight Paul Allen in South Lake Union

Who's High?

Seattle Post-Intelligencer owes "drug-dealing dad" a retraction--and an apology.

Five to Four

Hedreen Contest

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Control Tower

Sex Work Slang


Celebrity I Saw U

Slutty Stars

It's My Party

Bravos and Bathrooms

I Love Television

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