Print Edition for the week of
Aug. 1 - 7, 2002

Vol. 11, No. 46

Savage Love


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This Empty World

The Obsessions of M. Night Shyamalan

Money Shotless

Soderbergh Fails to Deliver

Double Standards

Social Conservatives, Pedophilia Chic, and Tadpole

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Oops! Does It Again

The Punk Tour to Shake Your Shit Up

All Ages Action

Q&A with Oops! founder/Skin Graft owner Mark Fischer

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Steadfast Survivors

The Flaming Lips' Enduring Dream Pop

Burned Bridges Spark the Muse

Kind of Like Spitting's Musical Evolution


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Hey Chump, Act Like a Pro

NW Top Twenty

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At the Sky Church

Speaker Freak

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Here's to Shutting Up

Ian Bell & Bald Faced Lie Go Speechless

Herstory Lesson

Women With Balls Makes Its Points, Stays Fun

I Wanna Be Sedated

Wonderful Tennessee: Lousy Play

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Ladies and Collectors

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Human Firefighters

North Bend's Earl Emerson Is Too Perfect

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Tai Tung

Emotional Fortitude in a Bowl

La Louisiana

It's Hot

Bio: Chow

Kyle Welty and Eli Russell



Why Can't Seattle's "Vibrant" Arts Scene Hold on to Arts Administrators or Artistic Directors?

Comparison Shopping

Light Rail Vs. Monorail Research Shows Monorail Clear Winner

Drug War

AIDS Patient Says Courts and King County Jail Forced Him to Stay on Harmful Drug

Stage Fright

City-Funded Youth Groups Upset About Field Trip to Religious Play

Sheriff Raps Rap

Gorge Shooting Prompts Talk of Hiphop Ban

Five to Four

Imploding in Seattle

D.C. Eleven

Cantwell Judges Judge

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Citizen Warrant

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It's My Party

Jet Fighters and Jerk Fighters

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview