Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 18 - 24, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 20

Savage Love

Out Now


Extremely Loud Incredibly Blows

Red Tails: “Ack! My Plane’s Being Riddled by Clichés!”

After the Last Action Hero

Haywire's Gina Carano Will Kick Her Way into Your Heart

Sweet, Sexy Sorrow

Young Goethe in Love's Hoary Old Pleasures

Art House

SIFF's Best Documentaries of 2011

I Love Television

On Grizzly Bears and Saxophones

I, Anonymous

To See Another Sunrise


Next Stop, the World

Rapper Gabriel Teodros Talks About His Next Move at the 206's New Place to Be

LSD, Extraterrestrial Abductions, and Fourth World Emissions

Tripping Out to Spencer Clark's Alien, Ritualistic Music

Sam Mickens's Grotesquely Beautiful Art-Rock Opus

Up & Coming

Lose your modern pitch every night this week!

Have Another Dance with J.C. Satàn's Hell Death Samba


Eli Anderson Moves to Neumos, and Hunter Motto Hired as Talent Buyer at Crocodile

Chuckletown, USA

The Roasting of America and a Hamster in a Bow Tie

Data Breaker

A Lull, DROP, Dreamtone, Mike Gervais, Cyanwave, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt


Sol, Larkin Grimm, and Arrington de Dionyso

Sound Check

Shaprece: Jacuzzi Time with a Power Chanteuse

My Philosophy

Hold the Center and Be Good to People

The Homosexual Agenda

JK Pop, David Schmader, and Snap


"I Only Want to Provoke Myself"

Rabih Mroué's Long-Overdue US Debut

Love and Death

A New Musical About Phony Psychics and Phone Sex

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art


Photography That's Staged and/or Not

A Body Like an Ocean

After Japan's Tsunami: Porcelain, Animation, Sound, and Mylar


Attack of the 50-Foot Novel

Ryan Boudinot Builds Manhattan in Puget Sound

Food & Drink

You Can Keep Your Pretension

The Pleasures of Staying a Spell at the Innkeeper

Chow Bio

Chris Daw and Drinks for Lumberjacks at C.C. Attle's

Happiest Hour

Gainsbourg in Greenwood


The Undecided Votes on Marriage Equality

Meet the handful of undecided Washington State senators who will determine whether same-sex marriage is legalized 
this year—and here’s their contact info, too!

This Is Awesome

The Photographs of Malick Sidibé and a New World Gallery Downtown

How to Talk About Marriage Equality with the Six Undecided Lawmakers

(And How Not to Be an Asshole on the Phone)

Opponents Won't Even Talk

Every Anti-Gay Leader in the State Refuses to Show Up at a Debate



Rob McKenna won't voice his support for women's rights or gay marriage. How it is— and isn't—hurting him.

Mr. Smith Goes to (Seattle) Washington

Our Most Colorful District Meets Our Least Colorful Congressman

Sources Say

I've Got All the Time in the World

Sports Blotter

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 275


Hama Hama Oysters

Wilco, White Denim

Sasquatch! Launch Party

Pat Thomas

Smash Putt

‘Eyes of the Skin’

Rebecca MacKinnon

The Pharmacy

Worn Out