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Dec. 14 - 20, 2006

Vol. 16, No. 14

Savage Love

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Saving Princesses Since 1987

Here There Be Draggin’

Stefan Fangmeier’s Boilerplate Fantasy Epic

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'The Pursuit of Happyness' and 'Unknown'

Sufjan’s Shadow Has a Tin Voice

The Devotional Antics of Danielson Famile

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A Thousand Tiny Pleasures

Theater Isn't Dead, It's Onscreen

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Telefon Tel Aviv

Public Enemy Number One

Reconnecting with the Greatest Band America Has Ever Produced


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These Arms Are Snakes Talk Rock and Religion

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Gay Beast Get Loud and Proud

Cosmic Americans

Time Traveling with Akron/Family

Love for the Limbless

Shorthand for Epic Aim for Amputees


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Christmas Brawl!

A 17-Play Slugfest for the Title of Best Christmas Show

Visual Art

The Good Binge

Seattle Goes to Miami's Art Feast and Eats It Up



Out with the Good

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'The People's Act of Love,' 'Graceland: An Interactive Pop-up Tour,' and More

Cormac McCarthy Drinking Game

The Best Way to Read The Road

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The Pink Door Turns 25

The Fifth Taste

Exploring Umami at the Lemongrass

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Kaitlyn Adair

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The Happiest Hour

Georgetown's Nine Pound Hammer


Strangercrombie 2006

Our Annual Holiday Auction Benefiting Northwest Harvest

Strangercrombie 2006

Deals & Steals

Astoria Death Trip

Hunting psychedelic mushrooms in Astoria, Oregon, means risking the elements, arrest, and death. A tale of stupidity, history, and survival.


Legal Limbo

Mentally Ill Inmates Stuck in the System

In Other News. . .

Counter Intel

On Tuesday, the Rabbi Should Have Sued

Police Beat

Gun Smoke

Aradia's Cut and Run

Overwhelmed by Uninsured, Long-Time Seattle Women's Health Group Closes Its Doors

Get the Wheels Rolling

Bold Skatepark Plan Still Lacks Funding and Sites in North Seattle

Deflating the South

Rainier Valley Comes up Short in City's Bike Plan


Savage Love Web Extra

Readers Respond to Dan's Advice to NUMB

Savage Love Web Extra

Readers Respond to FOG, Who Dumped Her Boyfriend Due to His Foot Fetish

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'The History Boys'

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Peter Bagge & Ellen Forney

El Vez's Merry MeX-mas

'A Terrible Price for Whimsy'


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