Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 8 - 14, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 23

Savage Love

Secrets and Lies


Concessions 90210

Lindy vs. 3-D Jar Jar Binks

I Love Television

Into the Donkey Abyss

Pina Is Dead, Long Live Pina

Wim Wenders Brings the Art of Pina Bausch to Three-Dimensional Life

Art House

Nicholas Ray's Beguiling Curtain Call


The Inspirational Power of Hate

Seattle Synth-Noise Provocateurs Crypts Draw Blood

The Fascinating Oddity of Diminished Men's Six O'Clock Baby

Up & Coming

Lose your Cupid’s Arrow every night this week!

Deep History

Julian Priester Has More to Do with Jazz Than You Know

Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs Traded Their Glorious Chaos for Gilded Splendor

Sound Check

Dengue Fever Master the Cambodian Sound and the Mastadong

My Philosophy

Don Cornelius, Hi-Fi Soundsystem, and Thaddeus David


Seattle Improv Fest, Gun Outfit, Mtns

Chuckletown, USA

Go Watch Geoff Tate Make Jokes You Wish You'd Thought Of

Data Breaker

Detroit Techno Ace Omar S., Second Sight, Mux Mool, DJAO

The Homosexual Agenda

Secret Shoppers and Everything is Terrible!

Poster of the Week

Poster by Rick G

Free Will Astrology


Old Is the New New

The Cold War and Don Quixote at Pacific Northwest Ballet

Visual Art

The Hidden Viscera of a Life

What's Behind Art Made of Exposed Pipes and Disembodied Soldier Heads


The Reverse Jihad

Matt Ruff's The Mirage Turns 9/11 Inside Out

Food & Drink

It's Time for Oatmeal

No, Wait! You, Too, Can Appreciate One of the World's Most Underappreciated Breakfast Foods

Happiest Hour

The Yard

Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces


What Valentine's Day Movie Is Right For You?

Take This Handy Quiz to Find Out

Make Clean Our Heart Within Us


Senators: They’re Just Like Us!

Their Intimate Admissions on the Senate Floor

Not Off the Hook Yet

Some Women Still Won't Give Komen Another Pink Cent

What's Next for Gay Marriage

Passing the Senate Was Just the Beginning

UW President Says Saving Colleges Is "Above My Pay Grade"

But He Makes More Than the Governor, State Lawmakers, or Even the US President


Revenge of the Jocks

Sources Say

Just Shut Up Already


Cate Le Bon

Atlas Sound

Lysley Tenorio

‘Of Breath and Rain’

‘Grey Gardens’

Soba at Nook

Sleigh Bells


Savage Love Episode 278

Last Days

The Week in Review