Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 14 - 20, 2002

Vol. 12, No. 9

Savage Love

Spineless Canadians

New Column!


Worker's Playtime

A Digressive Interview with Todd Haynes

Still Not Safe

Todd Haynes & Julianne Moore Make a Postmodern Classic

Movie Review Revue

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I, Anonymous


Mad Scientists

Add N to (X) Synth Frankensteins

All Ages Action

Yo, Seattle!

Stuck Under the Needle's Local Empire

Layin' It Straight

Bobby Bare Jr. Talks Southern Rock

Bio: Club

The New Old School

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien

Poster of the Week

Cock Mobster

MC Paul Barman Keeps It Real Funny

One-Night Stand

The Good and the Ugly

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Beat Lali Puna

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At the Vera Project

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Two Lucky Hits, One Unlucky Miss

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Out of Commission

The mayor's proposed reorganization of the Seattle Arts Commission has artists up in arms. Why don't they have any political power?

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Food & Drink

Vegetarian Vacation, Part 1

(Almost) Giving up Meat


From Hippieshit to Slam

The Uses of Open Mic Nights

Where to Expose Yourself

Seattle's Open-Mic and Small Venues

Rapid Transit

The Kickakickamish People Once Built a Public Transportation System Much Like the Monorail... and It Nearly Destroyed Them

The Democrat Who Won

Glee Club Interviews Liberal Rep. Jay Inslee to Find Out How a Real Democrat Won in Bush's Suburban America

End Game

Winners and Losers in the Monorail Nail-Biter

Post-Intelligent Design

Hearst Launches Post-Intelligencer Redesign to Combat Times' Gains

Message Sent

The Meaning of R-51's Defeat

Risk Assessment

FBI Witness Undermines Feds' Case to Keep Ujaama in Detention

The Donut Paper

Seattle's Leading Daily Isn't Thinking About Seattle

In Other News...

Police Beat

Five to Four

Control Tower

Poly Play


Celebrity I Saw U

Why, Winona, Why?

It's My Party

Partying with GN'R

I Love Television

Liza + David = 4 Evah

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview