Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 15 - 21, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 24

Savage Love

New Column!

I, Anonymous

A Dog's Life


A Heart-to-Heart with Die Antwoord

The Mind-Fucking South African Rappers on Marilyn Manson, Sex with Dolphins, and Being Bewildering

Brightening the Corners of Folk Rock

Cate Le Bon on Dead Animals, Pavement, and Not Being Nico


The Fresh & Onlys' Shayde Sartin

Jazz Cannon

Regina Carter Brings Her Internationally Renowned Violin to Jazz Alley

Up & Coming

Lose your mushroomier alter ego every night this week!

My Philosophy

Fatal Lucciauno, Afrika Bambaataa, and More

Chuckletown, USA

Derek Sheen Talks About Finding Humor in His Personal Hang-ups

Data Breaker

Worthy, AntAcid, 214, Afrika Bambaataa, Mikael Stavöstrand


Float Away Friday with Poliça, the Ether Room

The Homosexual Agenda

The Red Dress Party and Re-bar's Match Game

Poster of the Week

Poster by Frida Clements


Multiple Personalities

The German Who Crossdressed Her Way Through WWII and Beyond

Racial Profiling

The Troubles and Triumphs of Oklahoma!

Free Will Astrology


With It You Devalue Still

The Loom of Ruin Is Beach Reading for Rockers

The Road to Salvation

Reverend America Goes Out Looking for Answers

Food & Drink

Bar Exam

So Many Cocktails

Please Pass the Sparkling Wine

A Report from the Communal Table at Belle Clementine


Mass Uprising

The Gay-Marriage Uproar Within the Catholic Church

You May Be Infected Already

But Gauguin & Polynesia at SAM Is the Inoculation You Need


The Messy Genius of Rick Santorum

How Blowing the Dog Whistle on Gay Marriage Might Help Him Win Washington State

Sources Say

News from the Pews

Mark Hargrove Is the Dumbest Legislator in Washington State!

(But Congratulations on Making the Cover of The Stranger This Week, Mark!)

Drunk of the Week

A Drunk Dog's Life

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 279


Noir City

‘Better Than Something: Jay Reatard’

The Lonely Forest with Seattle Rock Orchestra

Joan Rivers

Southern Kitchen


Andrew W.K.

Fran Lebowitz: Public Speaking

‘Collecting: Art Is a Slippery Slope’