Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 22 - 28, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 25

Savage Love

No Pressure


Rampart: Woody Harrelson Acts Like a Bad-Ass

Concessions 90210


I Am Not Cuba

But Chico & Rita Is a Sexy, Jazz-Soaked Cartoon You Will Love

My Reincarnation: I'm My Father’s Uncle

Bullhead: A Brutally Elegant Crime Film Starring Meat, Drugs, and Vengeance

Art House

Underworld USA: The Heart of SIFF's Noir City

I Love Television

That's My Joan

Act of Valor: If the US Military Were As Lame As This Film, We’d All Be Speaking Japanese

I, Anonymous

Sorry for the Splash


Veteran of Disorder

Jennifer Herrema Switches Gears (Sort of) with Black Bananas

White Man's Book Does Justice to Black Power Music

Pat Thomas's Listen, Whitey! Is History at Its Grooviest

Things You're Not Supposed to Hear

Whitney Ballen's Debut Album Is Telling Everyone's Secrets

Rap Urbanism

J. Pinder Finds His Place in Urban Hiphop

Sound Check

Lesbian at the Ballet

Up & Coming

Lose your trio of childhood muses every night this week!

Chuckletown, USA

Go See Joan Rivers Live Before She Is Dead and Preserved as a Foul-Mouthed Talking Parrot


Go West

Data Breaker

OC Notes, WD4D, Morgan Page, Machete

The Homosexual Agenda

JK Pop, Comeback, Cherry, and the Oscars


Heavy Metal, Half Gift, and Rvivr

Poster of the Week

Poster by Chelsea Wirtz

My Philosophy

The Posse's Off Broadway


Lewis and Clark's Excellent Adventure

Boom!'s New Works Festival

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Feb 22

Visual Art

Extra Lives

Be the Cat of the Prime Minister of Iran

Cat People

Fictilis Is Your New Favorite Gallery


Happily Incurable

Sex and Death and Identity in Rural Montana

Food & Drink

Stomaching Mt. Fuji

You Are Not Supposed to Eat the Whole Thing

Chow Bio

Lisa Malinovskaya and Karena Anderton, Owners of Monkey Grind Espresso


Why Seattle 
Needs a Stupid 
New Sports Arena

And Why All the Lefty Non–Sports Fans 
Who Are Going to Fight Against It 
Are Wrong This Time

The Stranger Endorses Santorum! (and Gingrich! and Paul!)

Anyone Can Show Up to the Republican Caucus on March 3—
Even People Who Have Never Voted Republican Before


Big Trouble with Little Sleepovers

Nonprofit Ends Overnights After a Recent Allegation

Loaded Words

Rob McKenna Slips Anti-Gay Talking Points into Gay Marriage Ballot Language

Sources Say

Outing the News and Deporting It to Mexico

Sports Blotter

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 280


‘Experimental Theology’

Balkan Beat Box

Kenny Larkin

‘Dina Martina: Ample Wattage’

Sarah Vowell

Bang Bang Cafe

‘Devouring Time’

Worn Out