Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 29 - Mar. 6, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 26

Savage Love



Concessions 90210

Yummy Wanderlust Milk Mush

The Baddest Seed

What We Talk About When We Talk About We Need to Talk About Kevin

Gone: The Best Lifetime Movie Ever Made

On the Ice: Dumb Teenagers, Accidental Crime, Fascinating Alaska

Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie: Almost Ruined by Poop

Windfall: Blowhards Pray for a Time Gone By

The Lorax: A ThreeD Is a Thing Dr. Seuss Shouldn't Need

I, Anonymous


Sound Check

Andrew W.K. Is Half Man, Half Bull

Beautiful and Unsettling

Eighteen Individual Eyes Lure You In for a Kiss and Then Bite Your Lip

The Zelig of Avant-Garde Music

Eyvind Kang Strings His Way into the Art of the Matter

Chicana Punk

Four Reasons You Should Know Alice Bag

Up & Coming

Lose your prevalent mood in the city every night this week!

Sistine Chapel of Dub

Burial's Kindred Keeps Him Ahead of the Future


The Lonely Forest, Black Whales, Andrew W.K.

My Philosophy

Everybody Loves Grynch

Data Breaker

Nikola Baytala, Cedaa, MikeQ, WD4D & Suttikeeree

The Homosexual Agenda

Heart Breaks Open, Elektropop, and Dina Martina's Ample Wattage

Chuckletown, USA

Comedians answer your unasked questions about hammerthumbs and if they're famous yet. (Spoiler: The answer is no.)

Poster of the Week

Poster by C. M. Ruiz


Jim Carrey Stars in Orphée et Eurydice

Or Maybe Gumby or Goofy or Barney the Singing Dinosaur

Men Are Pygs

A Deliciously Savage Pygmalion

Free Will Astrology

Visual Art

Spooning and Dripping

The Bodily Grandeur of Karin Davie


Fran Lebowitz Is Not Amused

The Essayist on Bears, Polar Fleece, People with Cell Phones, the Republican “Debates,” and Jail

How John Green Won the Internet

And Tens of Thousands of Screaming Fans

Food & Drink

Another Improbable Goodness

A Nowhere Bit of Ballard Has All the Luck

Happiest Hour

Paratii Craft Bar


She Makes Beats

Women who rap almost never produce their own albums. Katie Kate did just that—and in Seattle, she’s not alone. THEESatisfaction are next! Move, boys—get out the way.


Pharmacists and Jesus Freaks

Local Pharmacies Are Defying State Law by Refusing to Stock Emergency Contraception Medicine

The "Fuck You" Budget Proposal

Democrats Try Sticking It to Rural Conservatives

In Defense of Smoke and Mirrors

A Few Budget Tricks Are Exactly What We Need to Avoid Cutting Social Programs


Romney Isn't Even Trying Here

Sources Say

Police Accountability Isn't My Strong Suit

I Love Television

My Alternate Reality

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 281


‘Chico & Rita’

The Magnetic Fields

The Peacemaker

Jeanette Winterson

The Raincoats

‘Battlefield Earth’ Hecklevision

Susan Dory and George Stoll

Stew & the Negro Problem

Chocolate for Choice

Sports Blotter