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Dec. 19 - 25, 2002

Vol. 12, No. 14

Savage Love

Don't Tell Mommy

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I, Anonymous


Gangs of Middle-Earth

Scorsese and Tolkien Find Common Ground

Welcome to Nothingness

Alexander Payne Revives American Existentialism


Or, Notes on Failing to Interview Nicolas Cage

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The Year Fun Broke (A Sweat) (Again)

Or, Why 2002 Rocked

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Don't Leave It All Behind

Shoegazing's Slow Comeback

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Open Letter to Local Hiphop

Smokin' in the Grrrls' Room

Feminism and Cock Rock

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Three Holiday Extravaganzas, One Dark Psychodrama

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Haruki Murakami's Fault Lines

An Ethics for Activists?

French Philosopher Proposes Something New

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Good Cook's Sense

Trust Your Instincts

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Our Literary Emissary

Local and Successful Agent Elizabeth Wales

Big City of Dreams

No to the Ka-Thunk of Regional Small Presses, Yes to the Big Bucks of Corporate Publishers

Never Mind the Arithmetic

From Soft City to Waxwings, the Narrative of Jonathan Raban


If you're trying to stop the war on Iraq-- if you're even thinking about Iraq--then you must be one of the few, the powerless, the marginal

Standard Rap

City and Club Square Off over Hiphop Music

Holy Sheet

Prison Pissing Match Over Ujaama's Sheet Hints at Fed Strategy

Another One Bites the Dust

King County Lawyer Takes Down Impound Law

Bland Band

Seattle Radio Rapidly Consolidating

Smack the State

Coalition of Local Groups Says State Violates Law on Methadone Treatment

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Five to Four

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Control Tower

You Don't Know Jack

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview