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Jan. 4 - 10, 2007

Vol. 16, No. 17

Savage Love

Happy Endings

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I, Anonymous

Get Over Me


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Letting the Moral Aspect Go—Temporarily

An Interview with Perfume Director Tom Tykwer


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Knockdown Drag-Out

Actually, Band of Horses Could Kick My Morning Jacket's Asses. Maybe.

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The Undertaker

Nas Puts the N Back in Nebulous


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Speak and Spell

Love, Heartache, and Drunkenness at the Seattle Spelling Bee

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The Translucent Kids Haunting the Frye

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In/Visible: A Weekly Conversation with People in Art

Jen Graves Talks to Tivon Rice, Susie J. Lee, and Suzanne Beal

Out of Irvine

The Futurist-Gothic Vision of the McLeods


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Fluid Beaverton

Matthew Stadler's New Mission

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How the City Is Defined by Its Pizza

Bar Exam

The Buddha, the Fire, and the Wine

Eatin' Out


The Happiest Hour

Maharaja Cuisine of India and Lounge

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Beth Sarver


The Young Ones

Ten Local Bands You Don't Know—Yet


Gerald Goddamned Ford

He Was a Terrible President But He Sure Did Live a Long, Long Time

15th Minute

Our Annual Picks for Those Whose 15 Minutes Will Expire in 2007

Compromise Solution

Seeking to Avoid Vote, Top Viaduct Players Hold Secret Meeting

Sold Out

Last Central City Skatepark Demolished


What Is a Podcast?

And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

2006 Sex News in Review

Celebrity I Saw U

I Love Television

Delirium Tremens


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Carlee Fernandez: Man

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