Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 14 - 20, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 28

Savage Love

Bleach Party


Art House

Rendez-vous with French Cinema Is the Best SIFF Showcase Yet

To Life! (Even When You Want to Kill Everyone)

I Love Television

Mom... You're Embarrassing Me!

Going South

The Duplass Brothers Try to Hit it Big with Jeff, Who Lives at Home, Will Ferrell Learns Spanish in Casa di mi Padre

Concessions 90210

The Last-Ever Concessions

I, Anonymous


Showers of Love

The Raincoats Envelop Seattle for the First Time Ever

Fuck You, Lady Gaga

The Grimy, Sleazy Stumblebum Brass Band

The Problem with Parties

Stephin Merritt on Love at the Bottom of the Sea and Why House Parties Suck

Up & Coming

Lose your legal and (alleged) drug problems every night this week!

Sound Check

Chris Jury of the Bismarck Vents About the Seattle Music Industry

Sounds of Yesterday

Visible Targets

My Philosophy

La's Ocean Howell, KnowMads' The KnewBook, Kung Foo Grip and Giorgio Momurda

Data Breaker

Calvin Harris, Goldie, Ed Rush & Optical, the Others, Farina

The Hardest Hard-Luck Band Ever

Sub Pop Rescues Aussie Rock Demons feedtime from Obscurity

Chuckletown, USA

You Have Nothing to Lose but a John Kerry Sticker

The Homosexual Agenda

Fringe's Burning Man Tribute and Lucky Lisp, a Morrissey Tribute Night

Poster of the Week

Poster by Sean Waple


Posse, Dude York, Neighbors, and Blooper; Robert Schwartzman and the Relationship


Happy Talk

The Grotesque Comedy of Dina Martina and Samuel Beckett

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 14

Visual Art

Leave Nothing Behind

One of the Final Shows at Western Bridge Is Devouring Time

Real but Barely So

Art That Rains and Art That Texts You by Susie J. Lee


Real Girls Wear Pink

A New Book Explains How Dora the Explorer Sold Out

Body of Work

Poet CAConrad Explains How to Write (It Involves Excretions)

Food & Drink

We Love Brunch

Five New Places to Get the Most Important Meal of the Weekend


A Theater Noir

A Gorgeously Brutal New Play by Keri Healey


Lives on the Line

Why Democrats Need to Stop the State GOP's Terrifying Budget

Drinking Problems

Neighborhood Activists Foreshadow Opposition to Later Bar Hours


Coffee Is for Closers

Sources Say

Talk of the Town

Text From South Lake Union

Drunk of the Week

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 283


‘Around the Bend and Over the Edge’

Mark Haim


Kathleen Flenniken

Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival

‘Casa De Mi Padre’

The Seattle Edible Book Festival

Rock-and-Roll Survival Guide

Rock-and-Roll Survival Guide

A Bunch of Stuff You Probably Didn’t Know (and a Few Things You Didn’t Want to Know) About How the Music Industry Works

How I Survived Not Making Any Money in the Music Industry

Looking Back with Horror at 20 Years of Crummy Side Jobs

Get (By) in the Van

How to Tour Without Killing Yourself and/or a Member of Your Band

Console Counsel from One of Seattle’s Top Producers

Erik Blood on How to Record Your Damn Music

Radio Killed Your Demo

Because You Sent It in Wrong

The Anatomy of Booking a Show

Talent Buyers and Promoters Are the Professional Gamblers of the Music Business

Space Invasion

Barging in on Three Musicians in Their Practice Spaces

Drunk of the Week’s Guide to Getting Drunk at Shows

How to Be Successful Without Being an Asshole

Advice from Grammy Award–Winning Non-Asshole Ishmael Butler