Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 30 - Feb. 5, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 20

Savage Love

Bug Chasers

New Column!

I, Anonymous



Hanging on the Art Punk Edge

The A-Frames' Beautifully Dark Constructions

All Ages Action

The Big Fallout

A Record Store's Sad Farewell

Fuck it, Let's Lie!

Juno Didn't Break Up

Poster of the Week

Steve Turner = Hippie

Mudhoney Guitarist Goes Folk

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At The Paradox (for the last time ever)

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Shostakovich Uncovered


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Smarmy Swells, Sweaty Masses, Vinegary Nips

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Women Working

Identity Politics Are Dead! Long Live Identity Politics!

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No Good Place

The Idealistic Days of the Film Frontier

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It's About Thai

Working Through Some Issues at Jamjuree and Thai Tom


Maximum Tits 'N' Ass

Where on earth did "punk porn" come from?

Making Punk Porn

A Few Questions for Spooky of Suicide Girls

Death's Nell

Beloved Star of Gimme a Break!, Nell Carter, Finally Gets What She Asks For

Bending the Law

Reports Show Cops Flaunt Immigrant Policy

Disturbing Announcement

Seattle Prep Dean's Anti-Abortion Speech Upsets Students

'Weekly' Wage Freeze

New York Times Flags Financial Trouble at Seattle Weekly

What's NEXT?

A Doomed Seattle Times Ploy to Win Young Readers

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I Love Television

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview