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Jan. 11 - 17, 2007

Vol. 16, No. 18

Savage Love


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I, Anonymous

500 Feet of Joy


Fascist or Faun

The Violent Alternatives of Pan's Labyrinth

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I Am Jack's Mumbai Cousin

Life Lessons

'51 Birch Street' Makes Navel Gazing Look Good

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Clint Eastwood Looks Across the Pacific

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Sublime Bovinity

The What and Why of Good for Cows

Couch Surfing

Some of 2006's Best Music DVDs to Watch While Refusing to Leave the House

Cash Rules Everything

The Can't See's Rich Pop



Performing the Lawsuit Against Bill O'Reilly

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Visual Art

Liquid, Fragile, Perishable

What It Looks Like to Be Commandingly Unsheltered


Jen Graves and the Sculpture Study Group, Part II


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Two Encyclopedias, Fat and Thin

Ditching Pynchon for James Brown

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Room for a Little Wine

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Eatin' Out

Quack Addict

Gimme Head

In Praise of Offal-ly Good Meats

The Happiest Hour

Angie's Tavern


The Runs

Everyone Is Talking About the 2008 Presidential Race. Now You Can Too.

The Bullshit Next Door

Ballard's Shit-Talking, Self-Appointed Neighborhood Crank

No End in Sight

Viaduct Stalemate Pits Licata Against Drago


In The Hall

The Converted

Counter Intel

Oly Intel: Unsustainable Bias

In Other News. . .

The Bikers, the Latinos, and the Gays

Victory Dance?

Seattle Clubs May Have Scored Legislative Win

Justice Delayed

Accused Funhouse Stabber Gets Sprung

Wiped Out

Seattle Center Skatepark Bulldozed into Limbo

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'51 Birch Street'

Christian Marclay

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'Pan's Labyrinth'

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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