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Feb. 13 - 19, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 22

Savage Love

No Excuses

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I, Anonymous


Man of 'La Sfiga'

Terry Gilliam and the Opposite of Luck

Dark and Black

Deco Dawson Opts for Obscurit

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Hitting High Hopes

Visqueen's Pop Dreams

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Krush Groove

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Get Hit in the Low End

Losing Hearing with the Quarterhorse

Give De La Some Love

DJ Maseo Hits Seattle

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Susana Kasakoff


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Suffragettes, Puppets, and The Stranger's Shepard Ban

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Recycling, Lowbrow, Trash

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Dark and Early

Nicholson Baker Details This Our Funnanimal World

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Valentine Schmalentine

Kitfo, Salt Cod, and the Morning After



Seattle's Sexiest Citizens!

Sound Transit Sounds Off

After Years of Taking The Stranger's Abuse, Sound Transit's Spokesman Fights Back

Council Showdown

Steinbrueck and Wills Face Off Over Police Reform

Now It's War

FCC Dissident to Fight Media Consolidation at "Showdown" Hearing in Seattle

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Five to Four

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I Love Television

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview