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Feb. 27 - Mar. 5, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 24

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Going Global

African Film Fest Wrestles with Modernity

Vive La France!

Rare Noir Delivers Parisian Fantasy

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Ted Leo as the New Power-Pop Poster Boy

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Lady Pirates, Wounded Faces, Silly Stalkers, and a Big Old Mess

ACT Update

A week after ACT's would-be death date, the theater struggles on. But is it on the right track?

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The Shooter

One of the nation’s first school shootings took place at Seattle’s Garfield High. Two students were shot after a Martin Luther King Day assembly. How come no one remembers?

Relevant Contradictions

In defense of humor, irony, satire, and a Native American perspective on the coming war on Iraq

Highway to Hell

Aurora Avenue Merchants Fight Mayor's Bus Plan

Copps on the Beat

FCC Commissioner Promotes Seattle Hearing on Media Concentration

Learning Experience

Experience Music Project Drops Public Programming Director in Big Layoffs

Free the Fremont Market!

Fremont Sunday Market Wins Court Ruling

'Weekly' Reality Check

Seattle Weekly's Publisher Snows Credulous Business Journal

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