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Mar. 27 - Apr. 2, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 28

Savage Love

Homeland Insecurities

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I, Anonymous


War Is Hell

But This Year's Oscars Were Heavenly

Deeply Stupid

The Core Is Dumb as a Post, but Entertainingly So

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Trouble in DIY Paradise

Ladyfest Hit Snags on Its Way to Togetherness

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The Peanut Butter Jam

Rooting Out Hiphop Treasure

The Unspoken Truth

Wendy Case Lives to Sing About It

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Brilliant Lintel, Surprising Shakespeare, and Some Other Crap

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Hard to Say

Joshua Weintraub's Anxiety Rising

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Writing a Blowjob

The Author of Water & Earth Says More About Himself Than Should Be Said About Himself

The Philosopher's Speed

Paul Virilio Wants to Put the Brakes on Everything


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Cafe Campagne

Steak Frites and Solitude

Tea & Sympathy

Yorkshire Pudding and Bitchy Gossip


Shock & Awe

Bombs over Baghdad miss the target--Iraq isn't the enemy, al Qaeda is

Heaven & Hell

The scary reality in Iraq serves George W. Bush's fearmongering purposes

Chapter & Verse

Reclaiming God from pro-war hypocrites--and unmasking Bush as a lousy Christian

Charles & Zac

Stranger staffers square off about bringing back the draft

War Bonds

Want to Support the Troops? Then Let the Troops--Including My Brother--Do Their Jobs

The War at Home

Civil and Obedient Seattle Protesters Should Take a Cue from San Francisco's Successful Antiwar Activists

Troop Dupe

Protesters Should Stop Pretending They Support the Troops

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