Print Edition for the week of
May. 30 - Jun. 5, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 39

Savage Love

Virgin Escort

New Column!

Ask a Conchologist!

I, Anonymous


It's the Same Damn Sun

The Top 10 Worst Pop Songs About Africa and Africans

Tokin' of Appreciation

Sleep's Dopesmoker and Other Top Pot Jams

Sound Check

The Duke Spirit Ride Fast and Bare

Up & Coming

Lose your vegan dreadlock hive every night this week!

Data Breaker

LMFAO Are an Embarrassment to Electronic Music

Never Heard of 'Em

The Birthday Party

My Philosophy

Boombox Massacre and More

New Column!

Who Was at the Music Festival?

The Homosexual Agenda

Underwear Bacon, Danny Streets, Broadway Babes

Poster of the Week

Poster by C.M. Ruiz


Ground Zero, Footwork, Big Eyes


A Real Ex-Con and Two Fictional Ones

This Wide Night at Seattle Public Theatre

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of May 30

Visual Art

Oil Doesn't Go Away

A Not-Entirely-Successful Attempt at Summoning the Past of Suyama Space

Gold Digger

King Tut in a Corporate World


Free Will at the End of the World

It's a Good Year for Nancy Kress's High-Viscosity Apocalyptic Fiction

Food & Drink

Chow Bio

Timothy Czarnetzki and David Powell, Owners of Urban Family Public House

Butter Personified

There's a Reason Crumble & Flake Sells Out of Pastries Within One Hour of Opening Its Doors

Now Closed

Restaurants That Recently Went Away


The Stranger's Guide to SIFF 2012

This Year's Seattle International Film Festival Is Freakishly Dense with Goodness

Cafe Racer Shootings

Two Shootings, Six Victims in Seattle

Fuck the Vote

The Initiative Process Is Turning Washington State into a Destitute Shithole


Ground Zero

Can Seattle's Liberal Catholics Contain Their Out-of-Control Bishop's National Agenda?

Beating Back Amazon

CEO Jeff Bezos Caves After Months of Bad Press and Public Pressure

Ms. Mayor Is Pissed

Mike McGinn's Wife Cancels Her Family's Subscription to the Seattle Times

Ethically Challenged

Two New Complaints Against Rob McKenna

What the Fuck Is Wrong with Our Pride Parade?

A Terrible Theme, Ostracized Lawmakers, and Pissed-Off Allies

Sources Say

News and Gossip Dropped Straight into Your Yawning Maw

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 294

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger


Savage Love Live!

It’s Been Good to Know Ya!: The Cafe Racer Benefit


‘AbFab’ vs. ‘Golden Girls’ TV Dinner

‘Cabinet of Curiosities’

Seattle Erotic Art Festival

‘Little Otik’

Pasteria Lucchese’s Rice Pudding

Soly Cissé

Worn Out

Text From South Lake Union