Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 13 - 19, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 41

Savage Love



All in the Family

Lynn Shelton's Latest Is a Charming Rom-Com with an Itchy Underbelly

The Least Fun I've Ever Had with an Orgasm

Hysteria Fails to Excite

Glee—with More Hair!

Rock of Ages: Not the Good Kind of Stupid

Possession: The Monster, the Wife, and the Secret Agent

I Love Television

Girl-on-Girl Action!

Summer Film Calendar

Everything Happening in Film This Season

I, Anonymous

Booze Blues


Wussy Kicks Ass

How a Ragtag Group of Musicians with Day Jobs Became a Great American Band

Sol on a World Tour

The Burgeoning Seattle Hiphopper Gets a Fellowship and Puts His Career on Hold to Roam the Planet

Up & Coming

Lose your perfect shamanic guide every night this week!

Sound Check

My Goodness Toured the UK and Didn't Inject Drugs into Their Eyes

Chuckletown, USA

The Last Anita Goodman Experience and Romance in Tukwila

Data Breaker

Porter Robinson, Blockhead, the New Law, Jonti, Sonnymoon

The Homosexual Agenda

Savage Loves Live For Matrimony, Dicks Get Slapped, Sisters Get Scissored

My Philosophy

Sol's Sabbatical, Fresh Espresso's Bossalona, and Raz's "They'll Speak"

Poster of the Week

Poster by David Gallo


Brite Futures' Last Show

Some of That Jazz

What I'm Most Looking Forward to This Season

Summer Festival Calendar

All the Festivals You Need to Know About This Summer

Summer Classical Calendar

Everything Happening in Classical Music and Opera This Season


Anarchy in the UK

Shakespeare's Most Subversive Play

Gigantic Women

Fantasies About the Fairer Sex—Plus My Own Fantasy Opera

The Lineup

Interviews with Three Individuals Involved in Intiman's Insane Summer Season

Summer Performance Calendar

Everything Happening in Theater and Dance This Season

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of June 13

Visual Art

The Art That Failed

Some Thoughts from a Juror of This Year's Seattle Erotic Art Festival—Plus, a Shout-Out to a Few of the Knockouts

Inhabiting Landscapes

Two Theses by Rodrigo Valenzuela

Fashion of the Christ

A Critique of What Jesus Is Wearing in Dalmasio Scannabecchi's The Flagellation

Summer Art Calendar

Everything Happening in Art This Season

Charles Mudede Reviews Jupiter

(That's a Photo, Not a Painting)

The Season That Was

Brief Reviews of Things We Saw This Spring


History Deletes Itself

What Do We Do When Everyone Who Lived Through World War II Is Dead?

Summer Readings Calendar

Everything Happening in Readings and Lectures This Season

Nice Box

What Are All Those Things in It?


Aphorisms 116 and 92

Food & Drink

With or Without a Lake of Melted Cheese

A Digressive, Incomplete History of Mexican Food in Seattle

Where to Eat (and Drink) Outside This Season


Road Trip Through Hell

Driving (Like a Dumbass) 
up Mexico’s Gulf Coast


Not Necessarily the Best or the Brightest—but Definitely the Richest

By shuffling money from one campaign to the next, unremarkable city officials can scare off election opponents and essentially keep jobs for life. But now the election commission says it's time to stop.

Power to the People!

Where to Grab Free Electricity for Your Phone or Laptop—but Not Your Damn Mini Fridge, Okay?

No Slam Dunk

Political Opposition Is Aligning to Kill the Sodo Arena

City Officials Are Calling for Stricter Gun Laws

But Would They Be Legal?

Sources Say

News Even Spain Can Afford

Text From South Lake Union

Shitty Résumé

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 296


Little Castro on Beacon Hill

‘Tune in Tokyo’


‘God Bless America’

The Gay

Wildrose Taco Tuesday

George R. R. Martin

‘The Killer’

Olympic Sculpture Park

Pulled Pork and Kimchi Pizza

The Numbs

Dyke March

And You Will Know Me (By the Trail of My Purse)

Genius Awards

Genius Awards Shortlist

The Most Fascinating Artists in the City Are...

2012 Genius Awards Visual Art Shortlist: Sarah Bergmann, Amanda Manitach, and Dan Webb

Theater Shortlist

Music Shortlist

Literature Shortlist

Film Shortlist