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Apr. 17 - 23, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 31

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Aleph to Zervas

What's More Degraded: Technology or Memory?

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Down with Boys

Susan Powter was a 1990s self-help weight-loss guru. She now hopes to reinvent herself as a--well, it's hard to say.


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Vive le France!

The Stranger's Postwar Food Issue

Protest Props

Protesters who marched against the war carrying pictures of innocent Iraqis need to keep marching after the war ends--that is, if they really care about Iraqis

Witness in Gaza

Rachel Corrie Ally Critically Wounded by Israelis

Out of Toon

P-I's Horsey Wins Second Pulitzer as Times Fails to Land Big Talent

Plea for Help

Feds Drop al Qaeda Conspiracy Charge After Ujaama Agrees to Testify

Postwar Maneuver

Lefty County Council Member Tries to Lead Peace Troops


Lefties Need to Love, Love, Love the White Working Class

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The Stranger's Postwar Food Issue

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The Opposite of Shortcut

Building a Staircase to Haute Cuisine

Against the French

But for Creme Brulee

Que Prenez-Vous?

Sci-Fi Potatoes, Recovering Vegetarians, and the Truth of the French

Les Hypocrites

Chiracs Faux Peace Position