Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 20 - 26, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 42

Savage Love

I, Anonymous


Where Do We Go Now?: Husbands and Wives, Bibles and Korans

Nadine Labaki's Film Will Make You Cry, Laugh, Sing, and Hate Men

Grassroots: A Two-Hour Game of Spot the Landmark


Justin Bieber Is Not That Bad

Shockingly, the Billboard Top 10 Isn't a Total Shitshow

Pitch Blvck

The Rise of Garfield High MC and Purrp Protégé Key Nyata

All You Wonderful Fuckers Are Straight*

Seattle's Music Scene Could Be Crucial to Winning Same-Sex Marriage

The Homosexual Agenda

Sharon Needles, ElektroPop Goes All Ages, Women Go Red

Are We Not the the Men?

Brooklyn Noise-Punk Quartet Shows Signs of Maturity

Up & Coming

Lose your death-metal filth every night this week!

Data Breaker

6Blocc, Paradiso Festival's Knife Party, Curumin, eLan

My Philosophy

Mike G's Odd Present, Canibus's Rap-Battle "Controversy"

Never Heard of 'Em

Lavender Country

Sound Check

Jackie Hell Is Intimate with Great Danes and Red Snapper


Friends at the Crocodile

Poster of the Week

Poster by MadMax Wallace

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of June 20

Visual Art


Britta Johnson at Lawrimore Project


What Has the City Done for You Lately?

Urban Geographer David Harvey Answers the Question

Food & Drink

Happiest Hour

The Highliner Pub & Grill

Chow Bio

Otmane Bezzaz, Owner of Med Mix

Hot Cakes and Boozy Shakes

It's Not Just Another Cupcake Shop


Cover Up

Seattle Officials Reconsider Ban on Topless Breast Cancer Survivors in Swimming Pools

Committing Bad Journalism

A Media Watchdog Group Says That KIRO Reporter Chris Halsne Needs to Make a Public Apology

Win, Lose, or Draw

Local Cartoon Spat Escalates to Your Mama Jokes, Death Threats, and a Fundraiser for Wildlife

Inflating His Résumé

Republican Reagan Dunn Says He Had a Civil Law Practice During Years He Wasn't a Lawyer

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 297

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week


Hot Dogs!

‘One Slight Hitch’

‘Louder Than Bombs’


G. Willow Wilson

Altaye Ethiopian Restaurant

Your Heart Breaks

‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Worn Out

Text From South Lake Union

Queer Issue 2012

How They Do It

Queer Writers on Traditional Marriage

Open Marriage

I Realized While Sleeping with a Married Woman at a Doughnut Party That for Some People, Marriage Makes Perfect Sense

Where to Party for Pride 2012

A Complete List of All This Weekend's Pride Parties!

Lecherous Marriage

What It's Like Being Hit On by a Married Man—and Then Being Hit On by His Wife When He Leaves the Room

Transgender Marriage

She Used to Be a Man and He Used to Be a Woman—and That's Just Fine, According to the Law

Arranged Marriage

When I Was 8 Years Old, My Father Introduced Me to a Newborn Baby and Asked if I Wanted to Marry Her

Femdom Marriage

She Calls the Shots, He Does the Chores, and the Chastity Cage Only Comes Off His Cock When She Says So

Polygamous Marriage

The Republican Nominee for President Comes from a Family—and a Church— with a Marriage Tradition of Its Own

Interracial Marriage

There's No Better Illustration of How Quickly Attitudes About Marriage Can Change

Sexless Marriage

They Are Happily Married— and Have Been for 20 Years—Even Though They're Just Roommates

Marriage for the Purpose of Getting a Green Card

The Perks of Fraudulent Matrimony

Boring, Traditional, Religious Marriage

The Inspiring Dullness of Jamie Pedersen and Eric Cochran

Vi and Me

Seven Years After Our Marriage, My Spouse Had Something Surprising to Tell Me—Something That's Brought Us Even Closer Together

Gay-Married and Wary

Putting Minority Rights Up to Majority Vote Is Wrong—Even if We Win

Love Is the Ultimate Radical Act

Why Two Queers Skeptical of the Institution of Marriage Are Getting "Married" Anyway