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May. 8 - 14, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 34

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A Conversation with Neil LaBute and Paul Rudd

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Crusty Treasure

Brian Foss Helped Zak's Become the New Punk Haven

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Counting Forwards with Kristin Hersh

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The Texas Chain Store Massacre

A Corporate Book Store Comes to Capitol Hill

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Thicker Than the Koran, the Story of Quincy Troupe


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Geneva Restaurant

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Collins Pub

Poor, Poor PSP


Framed in Los Angeles

Seattle artist Claire Cowie opens her first out-of-town solo show. Stranger art critic Emily Hall attends the opening and ponders the difference between the Seattle and L.A. art scenes.

City of Destiny

Tacoma Police Chief David Brame didn't just murder his wife and kill himself. He brought Tacoma face to face with its true self.

Nevada's Most Wanted

What YOU Can Do to Help Bill Bennett Stop Gambling

Ceis Fire

Amy Jenniges Takes Neighbors' Grievance List to Deputy Mayor

Paper Tigers

Times and P-I Stumble into JOA Legal Battle

Shorted Out

Faced with Budget Crunch, Nickels Cuts Conservation Program

Wrung Dry

Ratepayers Complain About Water Bills

Olympia Gun Battle

Dems Take Aim at Locke's Antiterror Bill

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