Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 25 - 31, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 47

Savage Love


I, Anonymous


Let Them Eat Ladycake

The Lesbionic Final Days of Marie Antoinette

Alien Armageddon at Costco

The Watch’s Big-Box Comedy

Greed Kills

The Promise of Quick Riches Fuels a Swedish Crime Thriller

Art House

Sacrifice: Chen Kaige's Art House Movie for the Masses


Embarrassing Interactions with Well-Known Men in the Music Industry

Or, How It Feels to Act Stupid in Front of Someone Famous

Up & Coming

Lose your inner witch every night this week!

What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Puke

Never Heard of 'Em: Television

Data Breaker

Jacques Greene, Machinedrum vs Salva, John Massey, Seba

Sound Check

Iron Maiden Play Golf, Fly Planes, and Sing about the Devil

The Homosexual Agenda

The Homosexual Agenda

My Philosophy

Best of Lil B, Big K.R.I.T., Watsky, Brothers from Another

Poster of the Week

Defaced Lust for Life Poster


NighTraiN Presents: Hoodstock Fest with Glitterbang, Etc.

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 25

Visual Art

Time, Stuff, and Love

The Fresh Mix of Art and Vinyl at the Henry

Loose Lips

Arts Gossip


A Clash of Personalities

Is This the Clearheaded Examination of Sybil We've Been Waiting For?

Food & Drink

The Lady, the Gerald, and Hunger

Three Brand-New Places with Booze and Food

Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces


The Man Without Qualities

Does Anybody Like Mitt Romney? 
Is There Anything to Like? 
Is There Anything There at All?


Build a New Sonics Arena

This Faggoty, Dope-Huffing "Newspaper" Thinks the City and County Should Approve a New NBA and NHL Stadium in Sodo

The Mayor Can Still Leave a Great Legacy

Mike McGinn Has One Week Left to Settle on Police Reforms with the Feds

Not Qualified

We Can't Rely on the Bar Association's Judicial Ratings This Year

Sources Say

Incendiary Comments and Political Chatter

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 301

I Love Television

The Snore-lympics

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger



Maria Semple

Nancy Kress


Dead Can Dance

Hong Kong Bistro

Jeremy Gregory

Text From South Lake Union

Living Among Strangers