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Jun. 26 - Jul. 2, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 41

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The Very Core of Reality

28 Days Later Captures the Horror of Our Times

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Jeffrey Blitz's Love Letter to America

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Bent into Shape

Bob Mould and Imperial Teen's Roddy Bottum on Queer Culture

Eyebrows to the Soul

David Lee Roth is He-Haw-Larious

This Is Really Happening

Xiu Xiu Take It Too Far

Nu Metal Sucks!

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Annex Makes a Play for Theatrical Consumers with Market Research Theatre

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Empty Space's Brilliant Theatrical Alchemy

Extraordinary Ordinary

Book-It's Breathing Lessons Teaches Adrian How to Love

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Poster Boy

Andrio Abero, a designer in his early 20s, appears next to the royalty of rock poster designers in EMP's 'Paper Scissors ROCK' exhibition. Who the hell is he, and how did he get there?

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Appropriate This!

In our 2003 Queer Issue, gay and lesbian writers are asking that you straight people--no, insisting that you straight people--start taking the bad along with the good of gay culture.

Dear Paul,

A Love Letter to the Left's Rock-Star Columnist

Grading the Candidates

City Council Hopefuls Converge on North Seattle

Vulcan Grip

Paul Allen's Pals Pen Letter to City Hall

Affirming Action

U.S. Supreme Court Rulings Spotlight I-200

The $6 Million Plan

Monorail Planners Confront Budget Realities

Seattle-Powered Howard

Seattleites Rally as Dean Makes Candidacy Official

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Five to Four

Municipal Building Memories

Police Beat

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Street Eats

Appropriate Our Parents

All they ever really wanted was straight children. So why don't you take 'em off our hands?

Appropriate Fag Hags

They fled your world for ours. Now it's time to welcome them home.

Appropriate Lesbian Bed Death

If You Want the Hot Lesbian Fantasy, You've Got to Take the Messy Reality

Appropriate Lesbian Genre Film & Literature

Since so many straight men are so interested in lesbians, let them enjoy all those lesbians in film and literature. We've suffered enough

Appropriate the Assumption of Lefty Politics

What about being homosexual obligates one to be a Democrat? Or a lefty? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Appropriate Gay Youth

Want one good reason to take gay youth off our hands? They're already your kids.

Appropriate Our Community Leaders

They're Docile, They're Well-Intentioned, and They're Yours for the Taking

Appropriate Our One Lesbian Bar

You Too Can Lack Nightlife Options

Appropriate Eternal Damnation

If You Want the Thrill of Transgression, You've Got to Take the Threat of Hell

Appropriate Montana Motel Anxiety

A road trip through hostile territory with your same-sex lover can be stressful. Try it yourself and see.

Appropriate Pride. and Community. and Boycotts

Appropriate Toilet Trolls

Appropriate that creepy guy who is always whacking off in the men's toilet at Seattle Asian Art Museum. Please.

Appropriate Everything Else

There are Lots of Other Things--So Many Things--That You Straight People Should Take Off Our Hands

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The Queer Issue

Appropriate Stupidity

Specifically the Gym-Haunting, Dick-Worshipping, Book-Avoiding Sort