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Jul. 3 - 9, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 42

Savage Love

Santorum Etiquette

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The Schwarzenegger

The Unnecessary Return of an Actor, and a Character

Power to the Peeps! Snaps!!!

Reese Witherspoon Saves America

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Research Results, Lonely Ludiker, and Another Baffling Delight from Herbert Bergel

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Fashion Is an Art. Discuss.

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Deviated Tongues

Dennis Cooper's Little House on the Bowery

The Lie That Tells Another Lieβ€”

Serial Fabricator Stephen Glass's Debut "Novel"


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Maekawa Bar

Light Suppers, Long Nights

No California Harissa

Or, What to Eat on the Fourth of July


Land of the Free

It's America's Independence Day, and to celebrate, we're dedicating this issue to the greatest, most freedom-filled nation on Earth: Canada!

Supreme Satisfaction

High Court Sodomy Ruling Could Be the Start of Something Big

Sodom and Seattle

Supreme Court Sodomy Ruling Reactivates Gay Activists

Political Fault Lines

As Howard Dean Surges, John Kerry Works the Crowd at Dem Dinner in Tacoma

Two-Newspaper Townies

Citizens Committee Intervening in JOA Dispute

Nickels' Curve Ball

Mayor's Latest Proposals Hit Council

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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Message from the Prime Minister of Canada

Message du Premier Ministre du Canada

Flags, Fags, & Big Ideas

Why Canada Is Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage and Not Going to War

Queerly Canadian

Same-Sex Marriage and three Other Bright Spots About Being Gay North of the 49th

Up in Smoke

Canada's "Progressive" New Pot Law Takes a Big American-Style Step Backwards

If It Ever Came Down to It, We'd Kick Your Ass

Do the Math and See Who's On Top

Red Maple Menace

A Letter from Soviet Canuckistan

Boldfaced Shames

Canada's Biggest Idiots Are Your Biggest Stars

Get Out While You Can

How to Emigrate to Canada