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Jul. 17 - 23, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 44

Savage Love

Elusive Release

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Return to Pseudo-Glory

Bad Boys II Is Pure Michael Bay, for Better or Worse


Basic Questions, Iffy Answers in Shelby Lee Adams' Appalachia


Garage Days is Nothing but Annoying Feedback

Erasing Hours

Blow Up

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Street Sounds

A.R.E. Weapons Bring NYC's Grit Back

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Heck or High Water

The Greatest Music Festival of All Time, Forever

The Shit's Hell of Rad

B.R.M.C.: S.F.'s Hometown Heroes

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Beyond the Breaking Point

Ruins Keep Prog Punk Edgy

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Four Good Reasons to Stay Home and Watch TV

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Proud Institute

Augusten Burroughs' Memoir Dry Enters Rehab

Me So Horny

A Writer Writes About a Writer Who Writes About War

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Postmodern Vietnam

The Bait House Cafe

Lunch in Land's End


Trolley Folly

Mayor Greg Nickels has been hyping Portland's streetcar as Exhibit A in his case for a South Lake Union line. Amy Jenniges visited Portland to see if Nickels is making sense.


On Friendster, It's Not Who You Know, It's How Many

Home Wreckers

City Moves to Demolish Dilapidated House That Residents Call Home

Closed for Business

Private Biz Group Interviews Council Candidates

Attack of the Nicastro Campaign Volunteer

Nicastro Fan Apologizes After Weird Confrontation

Dean Machine

Upstart Presidential Candidate Howard Dean is No Outsider in Washington State

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