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Aug. 21 - 27, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 49

Savage Love

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All Paths Lead to the Dead Meadow

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Conceptually Sound

Meg Shiffler has curated some of the coolest, weirdest, and best art shows in Seattle. Now she's moving on. We will miss her; you will, too.

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Rotten Love

Sandra Bullock's Ideal Happiness Is Bad News for Author Douglas Glover

The Crappy Diamond

Former Bassist for Belle and Sebastian Pens a Scatological Novel


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The Georgian Room

Splendor, on Sale


Meatballs by the Airport


Cannibal Cows and Dying Deer

Mad cow disease has killed more than a hundred people in Great Britain and may kill many more. The circumstances that created that epidemic exist right here. An infected cow was recently discovered in Canada--but not until after it entered the food supply

The Mercer Mess

A red-light district in Seattle will create new jobs, improve the effectiveness of the police, and clean up Seattle's neighborhoods. Bring on the broads, Mayor Nickels.

Skimpy Evidence

Seattle's 15-Year Ban on New Strip Clubs Remains in Place Thanks to Faulty Assumptions, Campaign Cash, and an Uptight City Council. Oh, and It May Be Illegal.

George AmBush

A Guide to Heckling W. Around the Sound

No-Fly Zone

Sea-Tac Arrests Highlight ACLU Lawsuit Over Airport Security Tactics

Strip Lit

Where to find the only really good pornographic literature being produced in the Pacific Northwest

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