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Aug. 28 - Sep. 3, 2003

Vol. 12, No. 50

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Creating the Perfect Pop Song

The New Amsterdams Work Out the Kinks

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Three Imaginary Girls Hype the Seattle Scene

Broken but Not Beaten

SunTzu Sound Try to Kick-Start Broken Beat in Seattle

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If They Can Make It There…

Checking In with This Year's Crop of NYC-Bound Theatermakers

Just Amazing

Wordless Extropia Gives Musical Comedies a Good Name


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Love & Rigorousness

Thinking about comfort and being comforted are not the same thing

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Slacker Utopia

Cory Doctorow Imagineers Our High-Tech Future


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Waiting for Golmarvi

Steel Pig BBQ

Mmmmm, Saucy!


Bumbershoot Rx

The Stranger's Prescriptions for Medicines and Music

Flying High

Howard Dean has gone from nobody to the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. Now he's a political rock star, and he just went on a coast-to-coast tour to prove it. The Stranger tagged along for the ride.

The Unknown Interview

The bike-messenger Olympics are coming to town, and "scruffy-cute" local bike- messenger bigwig Nick Dale is gearing up for the event.

Bush's Welcome Wagon

Eastside Bushies Confront Protesters

Unpopular Pageler

Three-Term Council Incumbent Loses Democratic Party Support

Monorail Math Lesson

Monorail Supporters Confront Bad Numbers

Iffert's Effort

Broadway Developer Sy Iffert Wants to Raise Broadway Heights

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Donovan Sets the Tone for Narcotic Sonic

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Ben Rubin Gives Shape to Sound

The Impresario

Warren Etheredge Makes a Safe Haven for Film Fanatics

Shorty McShortersons

The 1 Reel Film Fest Puts On a Show


Blow Your Mind Wide Open

Expansive Hiphop from the New and Old Schools

Pharmaceutical Pop

The Dandy Warhols Bring It in Spades


Bobby Bare Jr.'s Advice on the Birds and the Beeyotches

All You Need to Know About the Ink Spot

But Were Too Confused to Ask--Plus, What to See and When

Hot or Snot?

The Deeper Question of Who's Hotter, Writers or Rock Stars?

Advice for Young People

From Musicians Who Know Better

Poet vs. Poet

Andrei Codrescu and Sheri-D Wilson square off in Bumbershoot's Heavyweight Poetry Bout


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