Print Edition for the week of
May. 21 - 27, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 36

Savage Love

I, Anonymous


Terminator Salvation: Apology Not Accepted

The Girlfriend Experience: Sasha Grey's Limp Big-Screen Debut

Rudo y Cursi: A Movie Review Is Like a Soccer Ball

Porn! Fuck Like You Mean It

A Chat with Dallas of Pink and White Productions


Champion! Shine Louise Houston Wins!


Of Tyson Men


Summertime Bros

Why Animal Collective Are the Perfect Soundtrack for Sasquatch! (and the Rest of Your Summer, and Beyond)

Larval Marvels and Melting Euphoria

Winging It Magically with Black Moth Super Rainbow and Tobacco

Goddesses in Progress

How Erykah Badu and Karen O Make Everyone Else Look Like Chumps

After the Gold Rush

An Interview with Fleet Foxes

No Happy Ending

An Interview with the Melvins on the Occasion of Their 25th Anniversary

Up & Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties

Sasquatch General Info

Sasquatch: Everything You Need To Know About the Festival

Sasquatch: The Performers

Sasquatch: Write-Ups on Every Band, DJ, and Comedian You'll See at This Year's Festival


Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk

Data Breaker

Bass-tards of Young

It's a Hit

Party Crasher

Metal Music at the End of the World

My Philosopy

Seattle: All the Hiphop You Need

Poster of the Week

The Score

North, South, East: All Jazz


Your Titus Is Showing

All That Gore at WET

Visual Art

Go, Figure

The Best Puppet Show Ever at the Frye

In Art News

Mad as Hell


Bound in Chains

Will Seattle University's Independent Bookstore Go Corporate?

Constant Reader

Writing Out Loud

Food & Drink

The Happiest Hour

Everybody's Doing It

Testing Three More of Seattle's Fancy Brunches


Lost Boys

Is the City's Anti-Gang Plan Destined for Failure?


Leader of Anti-Gay-Marriage Campaign Has His Own Problems with Marriage

Cut It Down

Neighborhood Tree Lovers Undermine Green Development

In the Hall

Under the Bus

Lowering the Bar

Liquor Board Holds at Least One Gay Bar to a Different Standard

Last Days

The Week in Review


Aleksander Hemon


Bloody Mary at St. Clouds

Zony Mash

Super Kung-Fu Double Feature

'We Live in Public'

SIFF Opening Gala

Black Dice

I Love Television

Your Mental Health and You

Control Tower

Three's Complicated

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Crossword Solution

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Have Your Fill (May 21)

SIFF Notes

SIFF 2009: Large and In Charge

Still Unnecessarily Big, Still Undeniably Good

SIFF 2009: The Details

Tickets and Passes