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Sep. 25 - Oct. 1, 2003

Vol. 13, No. 2

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Building the Mystique

Holly Golightly: An Exercise in Rock Minimalism

Appetite for Distortion

Kittens for Christian's Dreamy No Wave

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Local H's Vitriolic Rock

Slow, Loud, & Steady

Isis Set the Hardcore-Metal Pace

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Robbie Conal Has a Posse

The Art of Guerrilla Politics

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Note to a Couple in the Second Row

The Author of And Now You Can Go Reviews the Audience at a Recent Reading in Seattle


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Mamey's Cuban Bistro

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Fall Is Good for Gumbo

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Alternative Student Handbook

Sound Victory

Contrarian Challenger Bob Ferguson Defeats 20-Year County Council Incumbent

Mail Call

How This Year's Campaign Mailers Tried to Manipulate You and Win Your Vote

Jean vs. Judy

Seattle Times Columnist to Challenge Nicastro in November

The Clark Effect

Seattle Supporters Say Wesley Clark Can Take Down Bush

Silent Majority

Progressive City Council Majority Quietly Goes After Cop Reforms

Fire Alarm

Neighbors Losing Sleep Over Unsolved Arson

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The Stranger: A Critical Overview

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The University of Washington

How to Get Smart, Get High, and Get Away with It

What They Don't Tell You In The Brochure

Notable Alumni

Drinking in an Actual Bar

Advice on How Not to Embarrass Yourself

Getting High

The Inside Dope on Dope, from a Former Dope Dealer

Seattle Central Community College

If You Think It's Just Like Any Other College, You're Kidding Yourself

What They Don't Tell You In The Brochure

Notable Alumni

At A Glance!

Being Gay in Seattle

A Guide to Bookstores, Bars, and Bathrooms of Ill-Repute

Being Straight in Seattle

With Specific Instructions on How to Locate the Clitoris

Seattle University

How to Be a Stoned, Drunk Fag at Seattle's Largest Catholic University--and Succeed

What They Don't Tell You In The Brochure

Notable Alumni

Seattle Pacific University

The College of Choice for Earnest Young Rockers with $90,000 and No Sex Drive Whatsoever

What They Don't Tell You In The Brochure

Notable Alumni

At A Glance!

What's That Down There?

Your Orientation to STDs

Cornish College of the Arts

Shower Regularly, Sleep Around, And Other Advice from a Cornish Grad

What They Don't Tell You In The Brochure

Notable Alumni

At A Glance!

Dangerous, Low-Wage, Humiliating, and Illegal Part-Time Jobs

The Stranger staff offers advice on how to avoid depression, disfigurement, and the many other hazards of entry-level employment.

Appetite for Education

Why I Decided to Go Back to School After Being in Guns N' Roses

Welcome to Seattle! Orient yourself.