Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 9 - 15, 2013

Vol. 22, No. 19

Savage Love

Gay Panic Attack

New Column!

My Nipples: Rate 'Em!


Gangster Squad: Lovingly Smothered in Clichés

Zero Dark Thirty: Like Where's Waldo?, but with Osama bin Laden!

Rust and Bone: Killer Whales and Legless Sex

Art House

Holy Motors: The Surprising Erection in a Great Movie

I, Anonymous

Puff Puff Pass


Lady Gaga

On Ferns, Fear, and Her Singing Toothbrush

Up & Coming

Lose your drone-based minimalism every night this week!

Where Have Pleasureboaters Been?

Having Babies, Making Sausage, and Flying Around the World

The What Is It Now? Game

Match What the Location Once Was with What It Has Become!

My Philosophy

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, BSBD, Skull & Bones, Kung Foo Grip

Data Breaker

J.Phlip, Judge Jules, Dil Withers, Nice Nate, DJAO, Pezzner

The Homosexual Agenda

Bacon Strip Divorces Re-bar, Moves to Chop Suey

Poster of the Week

Poster by Dax Anderson


Heartland Benefit Show and Unstoppable Death Machines


Enjoy the Silence

I Can Find Almost Nothing Wrong with Seattle Shakespeare Company's A Doll's House

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of Jan 9

Visual Art

How to Say No and What Art Has to Do with It

You Have a Week Left to Figure Out What Makes You Uncomfortable in Elles at SAM


A Puzzle of Mismatched Pieces

PageBoy Shows All the Other Literary Magazines How It's Done

Food & Drink

Little Things

The Transformation of a Capitol Hill Gem


Stop the Coal Trains

Everybody knows that coal trains are bad for our health, our economy, and our planet. So how do we stop them?


Mike McGinn Is Running for Reelection

The Mayor Who Has Bucked Conventional Wisdom Before Says He Can Do It Again

Buying Back Guns

Seattle and King County Announce Buyback and Free Trigger Locks

Sources Say

Small Talk for Shared Urinal Cakes

Drunk of the Week

Go 'Hawks!

I Love Television

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 325


‘Hannah Arendt’

Onn/Of Festival

Lesley Hazleton

Udon at Hana

I Hate Karaoke

‘A Doll’s House’

‘The Godfather: Part II’