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Oct. 9 - 15, 2003

Vol. 13, No. 4

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Genius Awards

The First Annual Stranger Genius Awards

Genius - Visual Art - Susan Robb

Her faux forests and biological worlds are icky, gooey, and terribly, terribly smart.

People To Watch - Visual Arts

Dan Webb - Jenny Heishman - Sami Ben Larbi - Jesse Paul Miller

Genius - Literature - Matt Briggs

In his strange, fractured stories, the Northwest is not a metaphor for time or transcendence. It's not a metaphor for anything.

People To Watch - Literature

Gregory Hischak - Diana George - Frances McCue - Stacey Levine

Genius - Performance - Chris Jeffries

With a wicked wit and a singular vision, composer Chris Jeffries creates alterna-musicals for a new millennium. Lucky us.

People To Watch - Performance

John Kaufmann - Sarah Rudinoff - Matt Fontaine Wayne S. Rawley - Etta Lilienthal

Genius - Film - Web Crowell

With found objects and a camera, filmmaker Web Crowell creates a vision of a junk empire.

People To Watch - Film

Michael Seiwerath - Robert Horton - Jesse Harris - David Russo

Genius - Arts Organization - Vital 5

Greg Lundgren's art gallery/theater/social experiment put the life back into Seattle's art scene.

Genius - Arts Organization - Velocity Dance Center

KT Niehoff and Michele Miller's unique artistic partnership keeps young Seattle dancers in town.

Organizations To Watch - Arts

THREAD for ART - Subtext - The Northwest Film Forum

What is Genius? - Dirty Dave

Local aspiring pro-wrestler Dave Brown didn't win a Genius Award. But he may just be the best artist of the bunch.