Print Edition for the week of
Mar. 13 - 19, 2013

Vol. 22, No. 28

Savage Love

Best Foot Forward

I, Anonymous

I'm Fat, Not Blind


Sweet 'n' Sour Punk

Wimps Wax Wacky on the Joys of Not Being Tough

Never Heard of 'Em

The Dead Milkmen

Up & Coming

Lose your green-minded anthems every night this week!

My Philosophy

Theoretics, Mega EvErs, Keyboard Kid, Sax G

Data Breaker

San Proper, Bicep, Joakim, Kindness, Ctrl_Alt_Dlt

George Clinton's Parliament-Funkadelic Still Tearing the Roof Off

The Homosexual Agenda

Willam Slaps Some Dick, Jinkx Kicks Some Ass

Poster of the Week

Poster by Jesse Codling


Pretty Old and the Numbs



A Night of All-Female Asian Comedians Storms the Stage

Driving Off a Cliff

Allison Gregory's Uneven New Play

"Less Heave, More Ho"

Glue Guns Are a Showgirl's Best Friend

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of March 13

Visual Art

In the Long Run, We Are All Artifacts

Deborah Willis Kills Traditional Beauty Not-So-Softly


Dark Matter

Confronting the Winter Doldrums with Sam Lipsyte

The Best Mad Scientist

Surveying the Experimental Comics of Eroyn Franklin

Food & Drink

Along Gizzards Way

A Few Thoughts About the Second Stomachs of Chickens on Beacon Hill

Happiest Hour

Speckled & Drake


Bigotry in Bloom

A Flower Shop Is Refusing to Do Business with a Gay Couple Getting Married—Is That Blatantly Illegal?

Don't Fuck This Up

In Advance of Our First Seattle Show Since 2004, Here Are Nine Lessons the Catheters Learned the Hard Way

Getting on the Beer Bandwagon

I'm a Grade-A Beer Nerd and I Endorse Penumbra, The Stranger's Beer-and-Music Bash


Socialist on the Ballot

Kshama Sawant Is Running Against Council Member Richard Conlin

What Are They Hiding?

Two Activists Were Released from Prison, but Feds Still Won't Unseal Their Records

The Thin Blue Whine

Seattle's Police Unions Sue to Block Police Reform Plan

Are Seattle Schools Racist?

Recent Controversies Raise Questions About Fairness

Pothead Patients, Impatient Potheads

The Hope-Bestowing Allure (and Dream-Deferring Realities) of I-502

Ganja Garbage May Become Jet Fuel

Local Biofuel Company Eyes Legal Pot Waste

Sources Say

Pontificating for the Masses

Worn Out

Drunk of the Week

RIP, Alki Tavern

I Love Television

I Love TV

I Only Want to Be Serial-Murdered by the Best!

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 334


‘KINGS: A Boylesque Extravaganza’

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ with Jinkx Monsoon



Eat a Giant See’s Egg for Easter!

Verse Chapter Verse

LoPriore Bros. Meatball Sandwich

Vox Mod