Print Edition for the week of
Nov. 27 - Dec. 3, 2003

Vol. 13, No. 11

Savage Love

Celebrity Skin

New Column!


Life Is an Accident

The Really Handsome Director of 21 Grams Aspires to Perfection

Missing in Action

Ron Howard Delivers a Dull Chase

The Most Bitter Time of the Year

Bad Santa Is Mean, Brilliant

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Blow Up

Film Shorts

Movie Times


Old-School Anomaly

The Weirdos Hold Down the Freak Fort

Economic Rock

With the Vexers, Less Is More

Scared Pussies

Greg Dulli Headstrong in Twilight

CD Review Revue

Some Candy Talking

Local Loco

Live Wire

Stuck in the Studio

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Zac Pennington Has a Posse

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The Truth

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beatseeking missives

Seattle Techno All-Stars

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NW Top Twenty

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On Stage

Pukey Puppets, Overplayed Wodehouse, Lesbian Laffs, and a Functional Streetcar

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Visual Art

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Rocks, Blocks, and Eyelashes

In Arts News

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Tobias Shrugged

Stopping By Familiar Terrain on a Snowy Familiar Campus

How Art Works

A Critique of the Mushy-Minded


Prickly Paradigm Hands Out Pamphlets


Readings Listings

Food & Drink

74th Street Ale House

Much Ado about Standards

Mike's Noodle House

Very Midwinter, Very Heaven

Eatin' Out


Be Very Afraid

The Alaskan Way Viaduct is a Disaster Waiting to Happen. It's Time to Stop Talking and Start Working.

Almost Famous

My life as a dwarf before and after The Station Agent. Or, my small celebrity.

Get Tough

Monorail agency: Stop making nice with the NIMBYs and whiners. Stop apologizing, start building.

Influence Peddling 101

Mayor Nickels Tries to Woo New Council Members by Sponsoring Fundraiser and Offering Offices and Staff

Get Smart

Build the Monorail Right

Art Deal

City Seeks Compromise on First Thursday Standoff

Mr. Ed Speaks

RNC Chair Ed Gillespie Addresses Bellevue Republican Shindig

In Other News...

Five to Four

Police Beat

Public Editor

The Stranger: A Critical Overview

Control Tower

Celebrity I Saw U

I ♥ M.J. 4-Ever

I Love Television

Why You Aren't Famous

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