Print Edition for the week of
May. 1 - 7, 2013

Vol. 22, No. 35
Cocktail Compass

Savage Love

Move On

I, Anonymous


A Fairy Tale of Criminals and Whiskey

Ken Loach Makes a Scottish Slumdog Millionaire

Back in the Game

Iron Man 3 Kills Iron Man 2 Dead


Seattle True Independent Film Festival 2013

The Reluctant Fundamentalist: A Political Thriller, an Economic Critique, and a Masterpiece

Renoir: An Artful Film About a Wildly Uneven Artist

No Place on Earth: An Amazing Tale of Surviving the Holocaust in an Underground Cave

Simon Killer: An Insidious Thriller About an Exasperating Man-Child


Bleached Bring the Sun

Checking in with the Clavin Sisters on Tour

Sound Check

Save Seattle Drum School

Up & Coming

Lose one of your virginities every night this week!

A Partial Guide to Debacle Fest’s Highlights

New Column!

Name That Band

Take a Vacation from Mundane Sounds

Debacle Fest Is Experimental Music's Ultimate Spring Break

Data Breaker

Bonobo, Bok Bok, Jimi Jaxon, Stacian, Samantha Glass


Land of Pines, Special Explosion, Jad Fair

What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Teens

My Philosophy

Life on Tour, CyHi the Prynce, Q Dot

The Homosexual Agenda

Jinkx Won (Right?), The Grill (& Bacon Strip) Die, Cock and Bull

Poster of the Week

Poster by Smokey Brights


Taming of the Shrew

Poor People Are Hilarious!

Live Fast, Die Young, Save Social Security

Assisted Living Rages Against the Dying of the Light by Brendan Kiley

Black Watch

A Legendary Scottish Regiment Goes to Iraq

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of May 1

Visual Art

Cents and Sensibility

Where the Poetry Is in the Physics


Cruel and Unusual Punishment

How Do We Get Books into the Hands of King County Jail Inmates?

Food & Drink

Freak Out!

Mai Thaiku in Phinney Is Different Than the Old Thaiku in Ballard

Drunkening with Charlse Mudede

America Is for Africans

Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces

Chow Bio

The Quintessential Waiter at the Queen City Grill


Real-World Horror, Film-World Triumph

Megan Griffiths's Brilliant Eden Makes Humane Art Out of Inhumanity

Jason Collins Is the Envy of Straight Men Everywhere

That's What Makes the Homophobes So Uncomfortable

You Know a May Day Protest Was Successful When…

The FBI Is Still Following People Around a Year Later


Our Stupid Fucking Pointless Legislative Session

Governor Inslee Calls a Special Session After the Legislature Fails to Pass a Budget (or Do Much of Anything)

Brian Carver Wants to Be the City's Youngest Council Member

He's Challenging Four-Term Fixture Richard Conlin

How Should Legal Pot Be Labeled?

We Want to Know More Than Just the Potency

Sources Say

News That Gay People Should Go Write for Themselves

Last Days

The Week in Review


Savage Love Episode 341

I Love Television

I Love TV

Remind Me Never to Fly on Rihanna's Plane

Public Editor

A Critical Overview of The Stranger

Drunk of the Week


‘Professor Blastoff’

Mike Birbiglia

Saint Genet

Kay Ryan

Food Truck Roundup

Black Moth Super Rainbow

Yo La Tengo

Late-Night at SAM

Wedding Crasher

A Metal Wedding