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Jan. 15 - 21, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 18

Savage Love


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One from the Dustbin

The Return of Francis Ford Coppola's Greatest Failure

On Screen

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Blow Up

Film Shorts

I, Anonymous


No Love Lost

Loss Leader Focuses on the Fringes

The Ground Swell

San Francisco Band Lives Up to Its Name

Transient Tales

Richmond Fontaine's Sad Storytelling

Live Wire

Dance Fever

Some Candy Talking

Beatseeking Missives


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The Pale Get Things Done

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Three Operas


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Improv Done Right (Finally)

Jet City Improv's Colossal, Glow-in-the Dark Brains

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Big Bronze Obstacle

Will We Be Stuck with the FAO Schwarz Bear?

Art News

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Skin Deep at Starbucks

Virginia Postrel Mistakes Style for Meaning and Refuses to Judge the Consequences

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Food & Drink

Holistic Hiphop

The New Black Diet at Hillside Quickie's

Arosa: The Waffle Cafe

Leggo My Snack Waffle

Eatin' Out


Have a Drink Seattle, You Need It!

Make New Friends, Wake Up in Strange New Places, and Cure Your Annual Crushing Case of Seasonal Depression

Recommended Drinking Establishments

for Seattle Residents Experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder

Road Block

State Senate Transportation Chair, Republican Jim Horn, Balks at Sims' Light Rail Push

Moving Ahead

State House Transportation Chair, Democrat Ed Murray, Vows to Fight Horn and Challenge Sims

Among the Hippies

Seattle's Purist Left Meet Up to Ask, ñWhat Would Dennis Do?"

Don't Go Light on Carrasco

City Light Nominee Deserves Council's Scrutiny

Second Chance on First Hill

Developers Ready to Build Up Neglected Downtown Neighborhood

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Five to Four

Police Beat

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I Love Television

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