Print Edition for the week of
Jan. 29 - Feb. 4, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 20

Savage Love

Santorum Abstains

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Who's Your Daddy?

Brilliant Documentary Blurs Line Between Emotion and Intellect

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Blow Up

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Labor of Love

Mates of State are cute as shit. And they're voting for Kucinich.

Fuzz and Feedback

The Microphones Bring the ñEerie" to Anacortes

Live Wire

Some Candy Talking


Blue Sky Mile

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Beatseeking Missives


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Brilliant Bash, Fizzy Love, Twerpy Twins, and a Mysterious Wreck

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Hacked Up and Shit Out

Sam Trout's Angry Little Show

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New Nonfiction

Corporate Crime, Abnormal Criminals, and a Biography of a Thieving Filmmaker


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Sunday Night with the Family

Eatin' Out


Seattle Sister

Jason Sellards went to high school on Capitol Hill, worked at Bimbo's, and hung out at Bauhaus. Then he left Seattle to seek his fame and fortune in New York City. And it looks like he might have found both.

Wheeling and Dealing

Local Skateboarders Roll Out Political Agenda

John Fucking Kerry

Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up

The Great Wall of Amgen

Neighbors Upset over Private Waterfront Park


Council Prepares to Rubber-Stamp Mayor's City Light Nominee

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