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Feb. 5 - 11, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 21

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An Underdog Again

Howard Dean's remarkable surge began in Seattle last spring. A win here on Saturday may stop his slide. But a loss will definitely end his campaign.

Top Dog

John Kerry rubs it in by celebrating in Seattle on Feb. 3. Live from the new frontrunner's victory party.

Mad Cowgirls

Seattle's Got a Sleazy New Straight Bar-- Got a Problem with That?

Bottoms Up

The Bellevue Art Museum's new direction has been chosen by the community. Is that any way to run a museum?

Saturday February 7 Caucus

Support Howard Dean

Moron's Guide to the Caucuses

How to Participate in the Political Process

Death by Process

Once Again, Council Member Richard Conlin Tries to Undermine the Monorail

Will Gay City Fail This Test?

A free HIV and STD testing clinic arrives on Broadway, offering rapid testing, counseling--and a shot at redemption for Gay City.

No-Nonsense Nickels

Mayor Sets City Agenda While Council Tries to Find One

Police Beat

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