Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 26 - Jul. 2, 2013

Vol. 22, No. 43
The Stranger's Big Gay Wedding Guide

Savage Love

I, Anonymous


The Painting: A Parable About Prejudice and Art

An Educational Thrill Ride

How to Make Money Selling Drugs Is Part Exposé, Part Instruction Manual

The Vampire Strikes Back

Mother and Daughter Bloodsuckers

Chatum and Joxx: Ultimate Bromance

White House Down and the Meaning of Life


Up & Coming

Shake your sequined groove thing every night this week!

The Homosexual Agenda

Pridey Proudness on Land and at Sea

Sound Check

Event Staph Are on the Right Side of Infectious

Yes Homo!

Six Queer Bands We Love


Defiance, Ohio; Male Bondage; Postmadonna; Heavy Petting

Data Breaker

Kill the Noise, Mister Lies, Bright Light Bright Light

My Philosophy

Kanye West, KnowMads, Elzhi, Brothers From Another


Love Is Dead

And Donald Byrd Performs the Autopsy

Gone to Pot

The Financial Lives of the Poets Is a Rollicking Drug Farce

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of June 26

Visual Art

Getting Shot

Art About Guns, from Pew-Pew to No Safety

Art from Both Places

The Startling Openness and Locked-Up Secrets of Klara Glosova

Loose Lips

Arts Gossip


Shifting Foundations

Matt Bell's Novel Springs Out of The Zone

Good Pope, Bad Pope

The Hatred of Benedict and Francis, Measured in Books

Food & Drink

Wigs and Eggs

Mama Tits and Sylvia O'Stayformore Explore the Intersection of Brunch and Drag

Chow Bio

Candy Cocktails with Ghosts at Mars Lounge

Drunkinng with Charlse Mudede

Of Jazz and Oysters


Have Dems Given in to the GOP Agenda?

If Progressives Don't Change the Narrative in Olympia, They'll Lose Forever

A Blocked Path to Citizenship

How the GOP's Immigration Deal May Exile a Local Gay Couple

Crass Course

A New UW Program Lets Students Prosecute People for Minor Crimes

Is It Legal at the Airport?

Tips for Flying with Your Pot

Sources Say

Fuck You! Fuck You! Fuck You!

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Why I'm Too "Real" for Reality Shows

Drunk of the Week


Independence Day Picnic

Make It Stop

‘This Is the End’

‘More Than Honey’

Bastille Bash

Steve Davis

The Cherdonna and Lou Show

Monica Drake

Future Bible Heroes

The Queer Issue

Queer Issue 2013

The Delicate Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Making Music in the Age of Twitter—the Age of Constant Feedback

Having My Cake and Eating It Too

How Fetish Websites Took Me from Feeling Like a Monster to Finding Sweet Action

Learning the Ropes

How Recon Killed Leather Bars

Facing the Torsos

Scruff and Other Smartphone Hookup Apps Are the Future of Porn

Every Flavor You Can Dip Your Stick Into

Grindr Enables Some Pretty Gross Generalizations About Entire Races of People—Although People Are Surprisingly Receptive When You Call Them Out on It

Sizzr Sisters

Why Don't Women Interested in Women Have a Smartphone App Like the Guys Do? Oh Wait...

Floating in Shades of Gray

Tumblr Allows Me to Be My Genderqueer Self in a Way My "Real" Life Doesn't

Art, Porn, Life

A Few More Words in Praise of Tumblr

Step Away from the Internet

The Real World Is Still the Best Place to Meet Homosexuals

Cutouts for Queers: Some Traditional—and Some Super Weird—Wedding Fashion Ideas

Pride Parties 2013

Every Party, Drag Show, Dance, and Cruise Happening This Weekend!