Print Edition for the week of
Jul. 10 - 16, 2013

Vol. 22, No. 45

Savage Love


I, Anonymous

Broke Up


That Buzzing Sound

More Than Honey Shows Off the Mighty Honeybee

The Man Whose Heart Was Broken by a Terrorist

Every Position in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict Gets a Voice in The Attack


How a Bunch of LOSERS Won Big

A Temporary Storefront Illustrates Sub Pop's Legacy

What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Pop

Up & Coming

Lose your campy atrocity of glam rap every night this week!

Fun Wolves and Coelacanths

H. Jon Benjamin vs. Eugene Mirman

Sound Check

All Hail Tad Doyle

My Philosophy

Summer, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Kingdom Crumbs, Sub Pop Silver Jubilee

Never Heard of 'Em

The Homosexual Agenda

Pony Worships Souxsie, Cherdonna and Lou Fail for You

Data Breaker

Signalfy Launch, François K, clipping.


Iron Lung, Needles, Stillsuit, Dogjaw


Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Even if You're Cherdonna and Lou

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of July 10

Visual Art

Loose Lips

Arts Gossip


Artists Are Not Working-Class

A Book for Everybody Who Doesn't Love Capitalism Forever

Food & Drink

Chow Bio

Frolik's Director of Fun

The Great Ballard Ice Cream Battle

There Are Three Ice Cream Shops on One Block in Ballard—Which One Is the Best?

Drrinkinng with Charlse Mudede

Who Are the Ghosts of the Panama Hotel?

Now Open

New Places for Stuffing Faces


The Outside Artist

How Buster Simpson Turned His Righteous Anger About Development, the Environment, and Seattle's Economic Disparity into Art

Slavin' for Losers

What It's Like to Work as the Receptionist at Sub Pop Records


Run, Jane, Run!

Smart, Ambitious Women Discuss Why Smart, Ambitious Women Aren't Running for Local Office

Why Men Think More Women Don't Run

State Issues New Version of Pot Rules

Most Are Improvements but Some Problems Remain

Sources Say

Snippets from Our Ice-Cold, Artificially Flavored Blog

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television


Night of Genius: Music

‘Post Tenebras Lux’

Reza Aslan and Lesley Hazleton

Capitol Hill Block Party

White Hills

Intiman Summer Festival

$2 Scoops at Cupcake Royale

Olympic Sculpture Park

Worn Out

Japan's Culture of Cute

Wedding Crasher