Print Edition for the week of
Feb. 26 - Mar. 3, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 24

Savage Love

Gay Marriage, Explained

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Pounding of the Christ

Mel Gibson Punishes the Son of God

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Starry-Eyed Romantics

Montreal Pop Gazes Upward

No Two Are Alike

Deerhoof Leave Footprints on Post-Pop

It's a Prog World

The Planet The's Weird Universe

Live Wire

An Open Letter to Pho Bang

Some Candy Talking

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Cell Phones, Cough Syrup, and Pinball

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Bloody Hell

A Curator Goes Too Far

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Going South

Fantagraphics' Future May No Longer Be Grim, but Has Seattle Lost the Alt-Comics Crown to Portland?

Failing to Detect My Presence

An Audience Review That's Not Really About the Audience and Not Really a Review


Readings Listings

Food & Drink


It comes with fruit.


What neighborhood is this cafe for?

Eatin' Out


Daddy Was A Bankrobber

But his heart was in the right place. Sometimes.

Bush/Nader 2004

Will the left repudiate Ralph Nader? Or does the left really want to re-elect George W. Bush?

Banner Day

Local Fortune 500 Company Draws San Francisco Activists

Pansy-Assed Politicians

Greg Nickels and Ron Sims Hype Their Past Commitment to Gay Rights, but Shy Away from Fight at Hand

John Edwards Trades Up

I'd Freely Trade the Optimistic Populist for an Honest One

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