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Mar. 4 - 10, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 25

Savage Love

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Low Expectations

Starsky & Hutch Is Watchable, Forgettable

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Clocking Crucial Moments

Aveo's Poignant Songwriting

Chemically Imbalanced Charm

The Ponys Ride Into the Red

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Put Your Irony Shield On

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Mon Frere

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Sarah Kane's Posthumous Premiere, Multimedia Macbeth, and a Bunch of Comely Youngsters

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All Kinds of Ants

What Gregory Blackstock's Autism Has to Do with His Art

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Umbrellas Are Like Paragraphs

John Olson and the Raw World


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Bean There

Cassoulet Three-Way

Malena's Taco Shop

Cheap, and Just So Damn Good

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Ron's Simulated Support

It's Time for Ron Sims to Take a Stand for Gay and Lesbian Couples in King County

Prize Fight

School Board Challenges Seattle Times' Major Investigative Story

Clear Fear

Music Community Worries About Clear Channel Expansion in Seattle

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