Print Edition for the week of
Jun. 25 - Jul. 1, 2009

Vol. 18, No. 41

Savage Love

Face Time

New Column!

I, Anonymous


Dear Nerds, I Have Some Questions

Lindy West Doesn't Understand a Word of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Moon: Slow-Burning Sci-Fi

Chéri: Even Cougars Get the Blues

My Sister's Keeper: The Best Pharmaceutical Commercial You've Ever Seen


What's in My Mailbox?


Data Breaker

Joy Von Spain Elegantly Raises Hell

Personal Space

Thee Satisfaction's Queered-Up Extraterrestrial Hiphop

Let's (Not) Get It On

Or, Fucking to Songs About Fucking and Other Uncomfortable Developments in the Awkward Relationship Between What We’re Going to Have to Just Agree to Call Indie Rock and Sexuality in the 1990s

Fucking in the Streets

Uneasy Listening

Joke About Jamaica

Major Lazer's Cartoon Dancehall


An Interview with Gay Garage-Rock Heartthrob (and Wet T-Shirt Model) Seth Bogart of Hunx and His Punx

World Unraveler

Sir Richard Bishop's Middle-East Piece

My Philosophy

Neema Unplugged

The Score

Stretching Spring

It's a Hit

Up &Coming

This Week's Noteworthy Shows and Parties


New All-Ages Venue the Slab

Party Crasher

Come Sail Away

Poster of the Week


Marc Bamuthi Joseph's Masterfully Executed Trifle

Self-Actualize This!

Muffin Face Exploits the Comedy of Discomfort

Slumprov Millionaire

American Indian

Shakespeare Needed an Editor

Macbeth, Rewritten

Theater News

The New Kids at Intiman

Visual Art

Gawking at Brutes

Who Were the Ignorant Savages at the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition? And Who Are They Now?


Because a Penis Wants to Be an Astronaut

Monkeybicycle Is Better Than the Rest of the Litmags

About Suicide, Japan, and Mono No Aware

How Much of Your Fiction Is Real?

Constant Reader

All Grown-Up

Food & Drink

Sandwiches We Have Loved

The Staff of The Stranger Sings the Praises of the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Chow Bio

Ben Friedman and Brad Gillis of Homegrown Sustainable Sandwich Shop


Queer Issue 2009

Our Dangerous, Depraved, Sometimes Hilarious Sex Lives

My Kinky Normal Life

The Other Night I Did the Wildest Thing: I Made Peanut-Butter Cookies for My Family

Pride 2009 Event Listings

My Kinky Polyamorous Life

How to Date Butch Dykes and Gay Boys and Beautiful Femmes and Tranny Fags and Big Hairy Guys—Sometimes Simultaneously—Without Losing Your Mind

My Nights at the Human Vending Machine that Is the Internet

How I Learned That Sometimes I Want to Date and Sometimes I Want to Get Laid

My Nights Getting Tied Up

(And/Or Tying My Girlfriend Up)

My Alleged Night(s) of (Group) Sex

A Few Words About the Halls of Spooge and Shadow (Wear a Condom!)

My Night Getting Peed On

To Say Nothing of My Nights Being Shaved, Being Beaten, and Being Fucked on Every Floor of a Park Avenue Office Building at Midnight by the Cuban Night Watchman

My Night With a Muslim Terrorist

The Perils of Going Home with Someone You've Only Known for 45 Minutes

My Kinky Relationship with Barack

A Season of Obamasochism

My Adventures Playing Both Fields

The Kinkiest Thing I've Ever Done Is Women

My Nights Being Watched

The Sadomasochistic Life of a Musician


Kill the Lights

The City's New LED Streetlights Could Drive You Crazy and Make You Fat—Seriously

What's Up with Maria Cantwell?

The Senator, Bafflingly, Doesn't Support Real Health-Care Reform

The Gall

Officials Raid a Madison Park Apartment Looking for Black-Market Bear

Last Days

The Week in Review

Illustrated Comment of the Week

Crossword Puzzle

This Week's Puzzle

Class of '48 (June 25)

Crossword Solution

Class of '48 (June 25)

Dear Science

Drunk of the Week

Public Editor

I Love Television

Virtual-Reality Boyfriend


Hard Times


The Gayest Drink in Seattle

Dyke March

The Double Header

Bend-It Festival

Seattle Pride 2009

Sex Toy Drag Race

Michael Jackson: A Remembrance

On a Half Century of Unparalleled American Genius and Freakery

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Growing Up with Michael Jackson (Who Never Grew Up)

How Michael Jackson Touched Me as a Child #1

The Kiddie-Pleasing Linguistic Inventions of the King of Pop

How Michael Jackson Touched Me as a Child #2

You Never Forget Your First Time

Dying in Slow-Motion

How Achieving the American Dream Broke Michael Jackson’s Brain

No, Really

Michael Jackson Was Crazier Than Anyone Else Has Ever Dreamed of Being

Michael Jackson, Mon Amour

Farewell to the Best Friend a Young Boy Could Ever Have

Michael Jackson Moved Me

Posthumous Ruminations of One Pissed Angel

RIP, Kate Jackson

Dead at the Age of Aquarius