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Mar. 11 - 17, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 26

Savage Love

Break Like the Wind

New Column!


I, Anonymous


Music for Liberals

Is There a Way to Get Rock Fans Interested in Politics? Molly Lewis of Music for America Thinks So.

Musical Is Political

A Musician's Guide to Playing City Hall

Sharp Angles

The Chinese Stars Throw Dark Darts

New School

Blue Scholars Boost Local Hiphop

Demolisten Derby

Local Discs Up for Review

Live Wire

Some Candy Talking

Meet the New Moe

Beatseeking Missives


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Rock and Roll 101

All Ages Action

Classical, Jazz, & Avant

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The Hiphop Tip

CD Review Revue

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On Stage

Cheers to Opera and a Kids' Show, Jeers to Lazy Ladies and Another Kids' Show

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Manufactured World

The Natural Beauty of Inelegant Parts

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Public Display of Affection

The New Public Library Is Important

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Lovely and Amazing

Pan Africa Market

Peanut Envy

Eatin' Out


Then Comes Marriage

Seattle Says "I Do," King County Says "We Won't."

Straight Marriage

Why I Got Married, And Why I Would Do It Again

Straight Marriage

Why I Won't Get Married--Not Yet Anyway

Reality Check

The Gay Marriage Struggle Could Backfire

The Advocate

Righting Seattle and Writing About Seattle

Four Weddings and a Lawsuit

The Stranger WEDDINGS/CELEBRATIONS Thursday, March 11,2004

My Marriage License

This gay man got a marriage license in Seattle last week. Unfortunately, I only obtained it by agreeing to marry a lesbian.

Straight News

Five to Four

Control Tower

Celebrity I Saw U

I Love Television

This Column Is 74.7% Gay

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