Print Edition for the week of
Apr. 15 - 21, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 31

Savage Love

New Column!


'Kill Bill,' Killed

Quentin Tarantino's Revenge Epic Turns Into a Surprising Failure

God Bless Dogville

Lars von Trier's Awesome American Nightmare

The Punishing

"Natural Justice," Courtesy of Marvel Comics

On Screen

Things Are Okay

Film Shorts

Blow Up

Movie Times


Mutually Inclusive

Tracy + the Plastics Keep It Subtle, Stupid

Operatic Nightmare

Fantomas Are Not Such Easy Listening

Character Study

Def Jux's Hot Beats, Big Brains

New, Improved, Etc.

The Return of the Paradox

Cinema in Your Stereo

Manta Ray: Music You Can See

Age on Emotion

ALC: Not Doing It for the Kids

Some Candy Talking


All Ages Action

The Hiphop Tip

Beatseaking Missives

CD Review Revue

Parties Listings

Classical & Jazz

Live Music/DJ Listings

Up & Coming

Club Directory


Boy Howdy

An Interview with Actor Brandon Whitehead

On Stage

Bumpy Boomtown, Sharp Edges, and a Wonderfully Dark Lady Day

Theater News

Allison Narver Justifies Empty Space's Existence

Theater Listings

Visual Art

Nearly Invisible

Photographs with the Hard-Won Weight of Painting

Art News

Visual Arts Listings


The Sparrow, the Fall

Carol Muske-Dukes and the Awful Tangle of Language and Fate

'The Blue Bowl' Is Empty

But It Shore Is Purty


Readings Listings


52-Week Pick Up

At the One-Year Mark, with No WMD, No al Qaeda Connection, and No Support, Bush’s House of Cards Topples in Iraq

Nothing Goes Here

Splinter Group Calls For Replacing Viaduct with Absolutely Nothing

Ron Runs Left

In Gubernatorial Campaign Shift, Sims Embraces Hard-Edged Liberal Image

Help Wanted

City Spends Money on Vacant and "Frozen" Positions


Athletes and Neighbors Fight Over Proposed Magnuson Park Sports Complex

In Other News...

Five to Four

Police Beat

Jock Itch

Control Tower

Celebrity I Saw U

I Love Television

Last Days

The Week in Review

Letters to the Editor

Street Eats

Eat like....

An Investigation of Culinary Transformations

Eat like....

A Wench

Eat like....Eat Like

Ted Nugent

Eat like...

An Arrested Adolescent

Eat like...

You Have a Head of State You Can Be Proud Of

Eat like...

A Fallen Millionaire

Eat like...

A Corporate Tool

Eat like...

Martha Stewart--Before Sentencing

Eat like...

A Cultural Tourist

Eat like...

A Cultural Tourist

Eat Like...

Eatin' Out