Print Edition for the week of
Oct. 9 - 15, 2013

Vol. 23, No. 6

Savage Love

The Coast

I, Anonymous


Captain Phillips: A Movie About Tom Hanks on a Boat!


Social Justice, Celebrity Activists, Polish Film

Divine, Elizabeth Bishop, and Actual Spooge

The 18th Annual Seattle Lesbian & Gay Film Festival


Healthy Fun Times

After Being Dumped by the Majors, the Lonely Forest Write Their Own Happy Ending

Never Heard of 'Em: Jon Hassell

Up & Coming

Get pop-punk shin splints every night this week!

What's Crappening?

News, Reviews, and Sad

Sound Check

Marky Ramone Touring with His Own Blitzkrieg

My Philosophy

Praise for Danny Brown's Album Old

Data Breaker

Disclosure, Loscil, Minamo, Holy Ghost!


The Waterboys, Sleigh Bells

Poster of the Week

Poster by Mike Klay

The Homosexual Agenda

Wendy Ho and a Dinner Show


Flapping in the Breeze

Cheerleading, Nudity, and Corporate Sponsorship

The Infernal Beauty of Vaudeville

How the Dead Haunt Us in The Walworth Farce and Tre

Free Will Astrology

For the Week of October 9

Visual Art

A Blizzard, Ash, Bloody Meat

Emily Gherard Is Possessed by Unreal Pictures

Loose Lips

Arts Gossip

Don't Die

The Horizontal and the Vertical of Mark Mitchell's Burial Clothing


Doug Nufer and the Band Names

Lounge Acts Is a Boozy Trawl Through Poetic Repetition

Great American Novelist

Forget Franzen—Jhumpa Lahiri Is Just About the Best There Is

Food & Drink

Southern Hospitality

Get Yourself Some at a Place Called Witness

Chow Bio

Cold Brew and Adventure at Tin Umbrella Coffee

Now Closed

Recent Restaurant RIPs


Outrage Queens

If You Don't Let Them Repeal Obamacare, They're Going to Kill This Orangutan


The Good News and the Bad News About Bike Share

The Project Will Be Useless in the Neighborhoods Where It's Needed Most if Businesses Don't Step Up Soon

Cops Gone Wild!

Video Catches Seattle's Finest Threatening to Harass Me at Work

Do Districts Have a Race Problem?

Would-Be Supporters Are Holding Back

Lawyers Still Can't Smoke Pot

Local Attorneys Ask for Changes to Ethics Rules

Sources Say

You're a Dick

Last Days

The Week in Review

I Love Television

Choose My Halloween Costume

Drunk of the Week


Movable Type

Monday Night Specials

Javier Sicilia


‘Rinse | Reuse | Repeat’


The Blow

Worn Out