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May. 6 - 12, 2004

Vol. 13, No. 34

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'The Trilogy' Transcends Its Gimmick

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Muse Become the Reigning Heads of Operatic Rock

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The Icarus Line's Seedy Soiree

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Daddy Dearest: A Festival of Father Issues

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Navigating The Razor's Edge, 60 Years Late


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A Thousand in One

A Remarkable Unremarkable Box in the International District

Eatin' Out


Satan Lite

Tom Carr got elected by decrying controversial former City Attorney Mark Sidran's record, policies, and style. Once in office Carr quickly embraced Sidran's "civility" laws, nixed reforms, and vocally opposed two progressive initiatives. So how come the

Tits & Giggles

How the Seattle City Council can resolve the strip-club issue and bring about world peace at the same time. An immodest proposal by Dan Savage

A Star Is Born

Michael McAfoose Organizes a Counterprotest and Launches into a New Leadership Position

The Monorail Gets Centered

City Council Hands Monorail One Victory, One Seeming Setback in First Big Vote

The Best Laid Plans...

John Kerry's Iraq Problem

The Stranger Department of Homeland Security Bush Reelection Alert

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